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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    And no stress!
    Pots with sprouted seedlings of tomatoes and peppers are kept in the greenhouse. And for 7-8 days before disembarkation I take them out for a day on the street. After, if not cold, I leave it there for the night.
    A week before disembarkation, I feed plants with potassium sulfate (30-
    35 g for 10 L of water). A tomato two days before the landing, and for the prevention of diseases treated 1% solution of Bordeaux liquid or any copper-containing drug.
    Roman EROSHENA

  2. Svetlana BEREZNEVA

    Any transplantation is a stress for plants, therefore it is necessary to prepare them for "moving", especially if they grow in the open ground.
    Two golden rules
    1. Temperature hardening Seedling to the temperature outside the window I accustom gradually, opening the window in the afternoon: first minutes on 30, and then gradually increase the time. After holding the window open even at night, if the temperature does not fall below 0 degrees. Before planting in the open ground seedlings I take out for three days on the street (so at the same time it accustoms to direct sunlight) and home, if not expected to freeze, do not return.
    2. Reducing irrigation Seedlings are prone to overgrowth. To prevent this from happening, for 10-12 days before landing in the ground, I restrict watering, and some truck farmers for 5-7 days before transplantation even completely stop it (do not go too far, otherwise the plants can discard the buds!). On the eve of the planting, the seedlings are watered abundantly, adding potassium chloride to the water (20-30 g per 10 L of water).
    Three Errors
    1 Too late Seedlings should be started to temper two or three weeks before landing in the open ground. In just two or three days, the plants will not be prepared.
    2 Only cold plants do not harden on a windowsill with an open window and immediately land on the street - they must get used to direct sunlight, so as not to burn. Therefore, gradually accustom to the sun: before dinner, the seedlings can be placed under direct rays, and after - in the penumbra. 3 Watering with warm water During hardening, it is desirable to water the seedling with slightly colder water than usual (about + 18 degree).


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