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  1. M KRYAKIN, landscape designer, Samara

    1. You should not start with the purchase, but with the plan. If a thing looks beautiful and is expensive, this does not mean that you (and especially your garden) need it. First - a plan of the entire site with the location of the figures, and only then, measuring seven times, you can look after the purchase or start tinkering.
    2. Think over the background. Small decorative compositions look best in open areas. And individual figures - on the bend of the path, against the background of a low artistically executed fence or garden flowerbed. Well, if wealth allows you to acquire a figure of bronze or marble, then as a backdrop you need the greens of tall trees or shrubs trimmed in a regular style. A fountain is also suitable - but not a plastic one, but a stone one.
    3. The figures correspond to the style. And if you have no style yet, you need to create one. So, the garden in the rustic style is quite suitable for wooden figurines of folkloric characters, pets and any objects of old times, like a wheel of a wheel or a wooden barrel. A more complex style, for example modern, allows the most bizarre compositions of metal, stone or concrete. But we need a professional approach.
    4. And the place. So, do not shield the statue of Venus with ceramic amanita.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    This year our family acquired a plot with a cottage house. And since up to this point we have never dealt with the earth, I would like to know where to start, or even do not know what to grab in the first place? I've always dreamed of creating a flower garden on my site. Now there is a plot, but there are only questions with the flower garden.

    • Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

      There is not a single florist who does not want to see on his plot a luxurious flower garden, pleasing to the eye from early spring until late autumn. For this it is necessary to choose an assortment of plants, to properly care for them and gain experience. Places for decoration of flower beds should be located in the most surveyed corners of your site (central tracks, recreation areas, in front of the house).
      Before you start planting seeds of flower crops or planting seedlings, you should pay attention to the mechanical composition and fertility of your soil. If there are a lot of horsetails on the plot, horse sorrel, then the soil is acidic. Such a soil is perfect for hydrangeas, rhododendrons, muscari, for most annual flower crops. For pions and roses, such soil must be limed. If on the ground water table is not deep, then drainage should be done when planting.
      It is important to pay attention to the illumination of the site, but even in the most shady corners you can plant such crops as lily of the valley, periwinkle, tagetes (marigolds), fragrant tobacco.
      When planning a garden plot, do not forget about decorative shrubs that will decorate any site. Particularly beautiful chubushnik, rhododendron, forsis, spiraea.
      For the first time, manage plants that are easy to care for, and then start to expand the range. So you will save yourself from possible failures in the process of plant cultivation.


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