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  1. Irina

    A plant with well-developed roots will not bad winter, even when planted in late autumn. The root neck should be buried at 2,5-3, see. Add a handful of ash to the landing pit. To protect it for the winter, the daylily can be bored with garden soil. In the spring, when the earth thaws, it should be removed.
    It is necessary that after the pacification of the neck of the Lyleynik stayed at the same level, that even at the landing.
    Instead of garden land, you can use oak leaves. It does not rot as fast as other types of trees. To her not blown away by the wind, sketch over the branches or bergers.
    Use non-woven coating materials (lutrasil, spunbond, etc.) I do not recommend. When choosing a place, keep in mind that varieties with a gentle coloring, so that their coloring is fully manifested, need a full
    illumination throughout the day.

  2. Andrey Kislitsyn

    What to do, if landing. the material of the daylilies I received by mail only now? Keep in the basement or plant, after all in the yard late autumn?


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