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  1. Tatyana

    I decided to share, reading how to avoid stretching the sprouts. My daughter and I are engaged in the sale of seedlings: the need forced - loans ...

    Cucumbers sow from 1 on 7 April in boxes of beer. As soon as the first leaf appears, immediately begin the transplant.

    In a glass of beer, make a hole in the bottom with a hot nail. We pour in pre-prepared soil - sawdust mixed with manure, then a little earth with manure. We plant seedlings, sprinkle with earth with manure, and from above - again with sawdust with manure: they do not allow the pound to dry, keep moisture.
    Cucumbers grow strong, the stems are thick. Yes, we have to tinker, because all plants like coziness and affection. We take out the boxes in the greenhouse and, if it's cold, we cover with cover material.

    Varieties sow expensive, so as not to blush in front of people. True, all F. This year I liked Courage. We have dozens of all varieties, but this one has survived until frost! By the way, in such glasses you can keep seedlings for up to a month, and the antennae begin to curl - poured, pressed, and into the ground. And transporting to the country is convenient. We plant up to 1000 pieces. People are very grateful!

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Seedlings or seeds
    I'd like to crunch my cucumber early, so I used to grow cucumbers through seedlings, but, as practice showed, this does not always work.
    Experience has shown the following: for seedlings it is necessary to undertake only in the event that you can provide it with enough light and place. To cucumber sprouts turned out beautiful, with short interstices, the containers with plants do not put tightly. I plant right into the peat pots, the size I choose 11 * 11 see. When there is little light, then a thin, weak sprouting grows. If he fired at 5-7 cm, then you can try to save him.
    I pour the ground to the stem, but no more than 2 cm, otherwise the root system of the cucumber will suffocate.
    And, probably, the most important thing that determines how to grow cucumbers is where they will grow: in a greenhouse, under shelter, in open ground? We’ll immediately make it clear that the greenhouse is a building where we enter at full height. In the ridge, it should be at least 2.2-2,5 m. In a hot period, this height contributes to better plant development and fruit formation. And under film shelters and in the open ground, cucumber is best grown by seed, planting immediately in a permanent place.

  3. Elizabeth Pavlyuchenkova. Veliky Novgorod

    Leave the cucumber
    My mother’s early childhood was during World War II. Therefore, she appreciates every piece of bread, she doesn’t just throw out crumbs just like that - she puts them in a bag for pigeons. I, too, by her example, never toss bread. We add dried pieces to jelly, kvass, make crackers out of them, and also use them for the benefit of garden plants.
    Dried or corrupted slices of bread I place on a baking tray and put in a warm oven. You can dry bread in the kitchen, spreading a thin layer on a tray. Over the winter, I accumulate a whole bag of biscuits, of which in summer I make top dressing.
    500 g rusks pour 5 l of hot water. All this must be sour in those
    a flat spot for 3 days. Then gently squeeze the bread, infusion filter and add water 1: 1. The pressed bread mass goes to compost, and infusions water the cucumbers under the root.
    I want to immediately warn that such a remedy is not suitable for acidic soils. If you decide to apply it, do not forget to add the chalk.
    Particularly good is the cereal infusion for top dressing of cucumbers in August. After it, the whips seem to come alive, and the second wave of fruiting begins. It is possible to add potash and phosphorus fertilizers to the bread feeding, they also stimulate the late fruiting.

  4. Olga Ivanovna Nechaeva

    In the early spring, I sow long beds under the arc with cover material. Varieties of this seed parthenocarpic - immediately crochet cucumbers regardless of weather conditions. There are a lot of them.
    The second batch of cucumbers is sown between the bushes of grapes. Until the cold I get cucumbers.
    And after harvesting potatoes in August, with it, a range of varieties: Autumn Giant, Teschin Surprise, Sora, Eighteen days. I sow radish and daikon.
    The long beds of parsley are green. dill.
    In general, you just need to love your land, garden and garden. And the reward for work will come to you a rich harvest! I would be happy if my advice to someone useful. and I wish everyone success and high yields!

  5. Irina

    When they tell me that the work in the garden is monotonous, and therefore uninteresting and does not carry any creativity in it, I give several examples at once, including an interesting way to prepare a place for planting under cucumbers. Well and, of course, under melons and watermelons.
    We somehow got used to the fact that the quality of the fruits should be high, especially in terms of taste, forgetting that for the plant itself it is important not primarily the quality of the fruits, but the quality of the seeds and providing them with nutrients during germination. Based on this fact, we will focus on the fruit itself - cucumber, melon, zucchini, etc. And we will understand that the material of which the fruit consists is precisely the very best nutrient on which the seeds should germinate.
    In a word, the more nutrients in a cucumber, melon or zucchini - the more these seeds
    Squash as a fertilizer
    Excessive density of crops leads to a decrease in productivity, deterioration in the quality of the fruit. The optimal distance between cucumber beds is 130-150 cm, between plants in a row - 30 cm. When thinning, cut them at soil level. Do not pull out.
    plants are able to grow in vivo and give fruits.
    And now remember: what are we doing to get a good harvest? We fertilize the ridge, where cucumbers, humus and mineral fertilizers will grow. But what will happen if we put in the prepared holes in the substandard zucchini, pumpkins and other similar fruits, peeled from seeds? In this case, the substances necessary for the development of plants when planting in spring seeds or seedlings will be immediately injected into the earth.
    What's happening? All this substandard during the winter as a result of frosts and subsequent spring melting becomes, mixing with the earth, into a mass full of nutrients. In it, and I produce seeding. In this case, before planting, it is necessary only to mix leftovers of fruits with the ground or to chop them with a shovel as early as autumn.
    Result: the harvest never fails. Only it is necessary to remove all the seeds from the fruits, otherwise they can germinate.

  6. Svetlana

    If the cucumbers are ugly, the problem is unbalanced nutrition. The pointed upper part of the green stuff is a lack of nitrogen. Watering: 3 tbsp. l ammonium nitrate per 10 liters of water. Fruits narrowed to the peduncle and widened in the upper part - a lack of potassium. Watering: 3 tbsp. l potassium sulfate per 10 liters of water. Ovaries fall, sometimes even fertilized - a lack of phosphorus. Top dressing: 5 tbsp. l superphosphate in 10 liters of water.

  7. a guest

    So that cucumbers do not have a hollow ...

    One of the troubles when growing cucumbers is the abundance of empty flowers. AT
    As a result of many years of research, I managed to determine the five most important rules for combating this phenomenon.

    Under no circumstances do I sow fresh seeds (last year). The average germination time of seeds of cucumbers is-6-7 years. Therefore, the collected seeds are allowed to lie for at least two years. Before sowing, the cucumber seeds must be warmed up.
    On one cucumber bed I sow varieties with female (Mother-in-law, Zyatek, Masha, Alyosha, Shchedrin) and male (Dzherelo, Nezhinsky) types of flowering. Otherwise, the ovaries fall off massively or do not appear at all.
    I give each specimen complete freedom, do not thicken the planting and give the plants enough light-the shadings in the shaded place provoke the hollow
    I observe crop rotation, annually changing the place of planting. The best neighbors for cucumbers are cabbage and beets, and ill-wishers are tomatoes and potatoes (they inhibit cucumbers).

    I water the cucumber beds only with warm water, especially after a hot day.
    Lidia KARULOVA, city of Fatezh, Kursk Oblast.

  8. Reader

    To prepare the seeds of cucumbers I try to leave the tetrahedral cucumber, because there are more female seeds in it. I keep him in the garden until all the branches are dry. Then I store it on the window until it becomes soft. Then I cut off a small piece from the tail, I throw it away, and I place the place where the flower was, with a spoon, with the mash into the dishes (only not in aluminum!).
    Dry the seeds carefully so that they scatter, rather than caking. And they need to be sown in two years. I pick seeds with a small root for planting, and never complained of a bad crop.

  9. The reader (nitsa)

    The age of cucumbers is not long - after several fees leaves become coarse, lose elasticity, plants are attacked by various diseases. And to extend the life of cucumber lashes is quite simple.
    When in the summer I make cottage cheese, the whey of the field is diluted with water (1: 1) and pour the cucumber solution. So not only do I protect plants from diseases, but also prolong fruiting.
    Leaving the whip from the root, I press it to the ground and fall asleep on the ground. In this place, there are new roots, which ensure the rejuvenation of the leaves.
    Cucumbers collect at noon, when the leaves are slightly tied, the fruits are seen well, and the whips remain intact.

  10. The reader (nitsa)

    For several years now, in my greenhouse, I grow my favorite cucumber variety Herman F7. It quickly and amicably ripens, is resistant to diseases, has excellent taste and is ideal for pickling.
    Before you start planting (usually - in late April), I carefully prepare the beds. Since the cucumber greenhouse for many years I have one, every three years I change the ground in it, pouring on the bayonet bayonet a mixture of forest and purchase soil for cucumbers in the ratio 1: 1. Since the autumn I add the manure and dig well. For 10 days before sowing, I shed the soil with a hot strong solution of potassium permanganate, cover the beds with a film.
    Seeds soaked in cool boiled water, adding a growth stimulant, and sowing already proklyunuvshimsya. When there are shoots, I regularly loosen, water and air. In early June, when the threat of recurrent frosts passes, the door to the greenhouse no longer closes at night, tempering the plants. The first flowers must be plucked out so that in the future fruiting went better.
    It happens that at the end of the fruiting the cucumber whip practically discarded the leaves. Do not hurry to pull it out. Continue to water, and with proper care on the vertex will grow new shoots, which will bring an additional crop. This is tested on your own experience!
    Thanks to such simple methods, cucumbers in my greenhouse are fruited from the end of June to the middle of September, until strong night frosts begin.


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