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    Beautiful modular flower garden
    Everyone can make a modular flower garden - for this, any site near the house or garden path will do. The basis is taken 1 or 2 geometric shapes that are repeated.
    The simplest base is a square. Squares of various colors in combination with stone or tile alternate with each other.
    In a brighter design, it is difficult to use a paving tile with a pattern of different colors.
    In a modular flower garden, there is a place for old pots and jugs. And if you equip a modular flowerbed with garden lights, then in the evening the front garden will play with unusual colors.
    An interesting basis will be triangular elements. Between triangles of flowers you can lay a stone path. In the foreground, low-growing annuals are planted, and behind them are tall and curvy
    And most importantly - such a flowerbed fits easily into any general garden design, from classic to modern.


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