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  1. Palych

    At the dacha many works our brother the summer resident spends literally on his knees. For example, when laying the floor, concreting the tracks. And my wife, working on the beds, does almost everything on her knees. And in order to make it as comfortable as possible, we made special
    knee protectors of old tires. Cut out of them two pieces of length 15-20 cm and attached to them two pairs of ribbons. With the help of these ribbons we fix the prepared knee pads. With them, even in wet weather, working on the ground, you will not catch your knees.

  2. Reader

    Beautifully in our country house! Especially elegant garden paths paved with stones. It’s only in the masonry slots that weeds sometimes start, it is very difficult to get rid of them. I tried different methods of destruction of tenacious weeds - all of them are not bad in themselves, but it is better to apply them in combination.
    • The sooner we start fighting against weeds, the more successful it will be. It is important to remove not only greens, but also the root. A tool consisting of
    From an acute narrow wedge and hook. It passes into the gap and removes roots and excess soil on which the weeds grow.
    • Efficiently powerful jet
    water from the hose. Take care that water does not wash out the solution that holds the stones of the path.
    • On a hot day, pour the places of weed accumulation with a concentrated solution of common salt, and most of the plants will die. Water carefully so as not to damage the beds and flower beds.
    • In autumn, the burning of plants will help. Suitable gas burner, fixed on a long metal pin.
    Every year, the weeds on the paths will be less.
    Lyudmila Ionova


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