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    Raspberry forms root offspring at a depth of 5 to 25 cm. To avoid overgrowth of bushes, it is enough to dig in the limiters by 35-40 cm. Or you can plant varieties that are not so active in overgrowing: 'Gusar', 'Kaliningradskaya', 'Kokinskaya' , 'Maroseyka', 'Inaccessible', 'Metropolitan', 'Patricia'. Aronia raspberry 'Cumberland' does not form a root shoot at all.

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    At what depth should the limiter be inserted, so that the roots of the raspberries do not leave the place assigned to them? Olga, Moscow

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    Three years ago I discovered strange mushrooms in raspberries that looked like butter, only the hat was red and the leg was white. Then they grew, began to decompose, emitting a very strong unpleasant odor. I scooped them up and burned them. But after a while they grew up again. And in the second and third year there were more of them, and they went all over the site. Advise how to get rid of them?


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