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  1. Maya SALIHOVA, Pskov region

    Spherical chrysanthemum, or multiflora, has become one of my favorite colors for unpretentiousness, early flowering and extravagant appearance. It is a hybrid height of about 0,5 m, with neat inflorescences that do not need to be formed. The plant blooms from August to October. Plant chrysanthemum is better in cloudy weather and in the early days to cover with nonwovens. In the soil before planting, add humus, spill water and cover the drainage. The hole should be about 40 cm deep. After planting, the growth point should be pinched. Spherical chrysanthemum is hygrophilous. Water it better sedimented or rain water.

  2. Irina

    Korean chrysanthemums are quite heat-loving plants, but they can perfectly tolerate colds if they take care and provide them with the necessary conditions.
    Here are the main points of care.
    1. I begin by choosing the seat. The plant loves the sun, with a lack of lighting chrysanthemum will stretch, lie down and bloom poorly.
    2. The flower can not stand the stagnation of water. The place for planting should be dry and not flooded during the spring high water.
    3. I plant chrysanthemums in the spring. Autumn planting is possible, if the flower grew in a pot, gave fresh shoots, and you, without breaking the coma of the earth, just pass it
    in the ground. The soil should be light and nutritious. In the summer I mulch it with humus. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the plant will start to fat and will increase foliage to the detriment of flowering. 4. I timely divide the bushes of Korean small-flowered chrysanthemum - early spring once every three years. In this operation there is nothing complicated: I dig a plant, divide lateral shoot by a shovel into several parts with roots and transplant to a new place, fertilizing and boring.
    For the winter
    In general, chrysanthemums hibernate in the middle belt quite tolerably. After flowering they cut off, leaving 5-6 cm above the ground, - these same branches can also cover plants. In addition, the bushes fall asleep with fallen leaves, fern branches or straw. And with the arrival of a stable minus temperature, you can cast a spruce lapnik from above. Warmer to hide is not necessary, otherwise the chrysanthemum can vypret. In the early spring I take off the cover. The plant wakes up quite early and is not afraid of recurrent frosts.

  3. Elena

    Chrysanthemums are one of my favorite flowers. I especially love unpretentious Korean
    chrysanthemums. But they often die in our harsh winters. I learned how to keep my favorite varieties.

    Korean chrysanthemums are quite winter-hardy, they blossom after the first frosts, and after the first snow fell. But severe frosts, especially in winters with little snow, are capable of killing them. To save the most favorite variety, in the autumn I dig out a bush of chrysanthemum and plant it in a flower pot. If you do this in September, chrysanthemum will please you for a long time with its flowering on the windowsill.

    You can dig out the chrysanthemum in November, after the frosts hit, but the day still has warm weather, and the soil is not frozen. In this case, it is necessary to cut the damaged shoots and, with a clod of earth, transplant the plant into a container that will be moved to the apartment. After a while, chrysanthemum will give additional shoots, and by spring a large number of buds will appear on them. Having planted such a bush on the flowerbed in the spring, you are already in
    Chrysanthemums are one of my favorite flowers. I especially like unpretentious Korean chrysanthemums. But they often die in our harsh winters.
    I learned how to keep my favorite varieties.
    early spring will admire the bloom of his beauty.
    If there is no way to dig up a chrysanthemum with a root, then break the cuttings from your favorite plants (even neighboring ones). Plant the cuttings in a bowl and place it in a dark place to allow them to take root. Remember that for the formation of roots, the lower part of the cuttings needs heat, so do not put your makeshift nursery in the farthest corner of the apartment. As soon as the cuttings are accepted, the stalks will become resilient, the leaves will become bright, and new young shoots will appear, which means that it is time for the plants to light.
    Using such simple methods, you will admire the flowering of your chrysanthemums every year, and not mourn the dead bushes.


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