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  1. Michael

    Of course, you can, however, this method is more laborious. Seeds are obtained from the juicy fruits of snow leopard. First, through gauze or kapron stocking squeeze the juice. Then, the resulting mass in a shallow container shake with a small amount of water. The seeds will settle on the bottom, and the particles of the pulp will float. Remove them immediately. After drying in the shade, clean seeds can be spread out on sachets, but it is better to plant. It is noticed that the good germination of the snow leopard is in the autumn sowing. When the seeds hibernate in a state of rest under the snow, they undergo a natural stratification. By spring, the seeds will germinate, and by the end of the season the seedlings
    you can already dive. In the third year the bush of the snowberry will reach a meter height and begin to bloom.

  2. Svetlana

    For a long time I want to plant a snow cottage in the country. It looks so beautiful in the autumn! Unfortunately, snowplant seedlings were not on sale for me. Can it be propagated by seeds?


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