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  1. Ekaterina Georgievna

    We are used to the fact that the berries of garden strawberries are red, rarely pink. But there are still rare varieties of this plant, in which the fruits are yellow. Such is the Yellow Wonder variety, this strawberry does not have a mustache, has high winter hardiness and can produce several crops per season.

    The plant abundantly bears fruit until the frost. With regular watering and top dressing, this variety gives up to a thousand delicious berries with a honey tint from the bush per season. The yellow miracle grows well in the garden on the beds, as well as on window sills, balconies and loggias. In taste and aroma, the fruits of this strawberry are in no way inferior to varieties with red berries. And the jam from the "yellow-bellows" resembles linden honey.
    This strawberry is propagated by seeds, as well as by dividing the bush. Sowing is carried out at any time of the year. Seeds are scattered on the surface of the earth without deepening. To grow seedlings, loose nutritious soil from soddy soil, humus, peat and sand (2: 4: 1: 1) is needed. After pouring the mixture into pots, I scald it with boiling water with the addition of a small amount of potassium permanganate, and when it cools down, I sow the seeds and cover with a film. Shoots appear after 30 days. When the sprouts appear, the film must be removed. In August, I plant seedlings in August according to the scheme of 30 × 50 cm.

  2. Tatyana

    At my dacha this strawberry reproduces a mustache. Not capricious and grows on any soil.

  3. Elena

    I planted yellow strawberries in Khabarovsk, we have frosts stronger than in Moldova. For five years, this yellow miracle is delighted, insanely delicious, the fragrance remains in the mouth for a long time. The granddaughter is allergic to the red berries, here we found this miracle. , especially for the winter we do not hide, leaves a little above, in that year did not close a few bushes, all survived.

  4. Alexander P

    To grow strawberries in a barrel you will need the barrel itself, and it can be quite old, without bottoms and holes, seedlings of strawberries and a little dexterity. We will cultivate strawberries by the method of vertical beds.
    To begin with, we mark on the barrel the areas where our plants "settle", and then we make cells 5 × 5 cm in size so that the earth does not spill out and the strawberries feel freer. It is best to place the cells in a checkerboard pattern: this way strawberry bushes will receive more heat and light, which will affect the result of the future harvest.
    After the cells have been cut, the metal edges are gently bent inwards, which will allow the plants to gently move upwards. Next, we need to build a vertical drainage in the barrel, which will ensure a sufficient supply of moisture to all the bushes. To this end, we can take a normal sewer pipe and make a lot of holes in it, then install it in the center of the barrel, but the gmbo fill the central part of the container with gravel.
    As a primer, it is better to use a mixture of sand and turf ground, taken in the ratio 1: 2, with the addition of wood ash and "organic" with mineral additives (according to the norms for strawberries). After that, we fill the space in the barrel between the walls and the watering device, we compact it well and start the actual planting of the seedlings.


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