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  1. Natalia KARKACHEVA, Krasnodar Territory

    For lovers of ground cover plants, I advise you to plant ayuga, or a creeper tenacious. This perennial is good both in the sun and in the shade. It easily tolerates autumn frosts and is decorative all year round (its leaves do not die off even in winter). The roots of the survivor are superficial, therefore, in a sultry summer I abundantly water it. In my garden, ayuga grows on an alpine hill next to a stalk and sedum, in tree trunks among tulips and ferns. Propagated by sockets (until October).

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    There are several types of survivors, but the most popular survivors are creeping survivors and pyramidal survivors and their varieties. You must have met this plant in the meadows and gardens of the Moscow Region; in spring or early summer it blooms with bright blue spikelet inflorescences, which sometimes cover the entire meadow and look very pretty. Sprawl occurs due to stolons (shoots), which scatter in different directions from the main outlet and quickly take root in the soil. Since the tenacity is the native of our places, its varieties are quite unpretentious, frost-resistant (this is a winter-green plant, leaves with leaves in the snow), grow well in the sun, and in the shade, and on moist soil, and on rather dry and rocky. In a word, tenacity is tenacity.
    Varietal zhivichka blossoms, but its leaves are most effective, varieties with motley, fringed, purple or dark brown glossy foliage resembling wet pebbles are especially good.

    Varietal survivors can be propagated all summer, better by dividing rosettes or stolons; during seed propagation, varietal characters may not be preserved. But remember: ayuga can grow too much, crawl along the flower garden and crush other less stable plants.

  3. Tatiana HORINA, city of Vladimir

    The nature of the creeper is understandable from its name: it is very undemanding to the growing conditions and quickly captures the territory with creeping shoots. ZHivuchka grows well in the light, and in the penumbra, almost does not need fertilizing and watering, quickly creates a continuous carpet of leaves. But, fortunately, the malignant weed does not turn excess shoots very easily to weed out.
    In the wild, the tenacity is found almost throughout the country. In my flower garden I grow decorative cultural forms: a mahogany with bright blue flowers and purple leaves and a pink elf with green leaves and pink flowers. However, I do not completely remove the wild form from the site. Grass survivor, collected in late May - early June, is widely used in folk medicine. And the researchers found in it substances that stimulate protein synthesis, which will certainly interest bodybuilders.
    From vitality prepare this infusion: 1 st. l. dry herbs pour 1 a glass of boiling water, leave until cooling and filter. This infusion rinse the mouth with inflammation of the oral mucosa and sore throat. For those wishing to gain weight, to accelerate the buildup of muscles, to restore after training, this infusion should be taken at 1 st. l. 5-6 once a day.


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