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  1. Gennady

    In the middle zone of Russia, currants - black and red (including its white-fruited varieties) - can grow in almost any area, and therefore this unpretentious vitamin culture is so popular with us.

    Blackcurrant can generally be grown in wetlands, as it is more moisture-loving compared to red, which is well tolerated by drought. With good care - watering, loosening, pruning, processing from diseases and pests - red currant can grow and bear fruit for about 20 years! One branch of red currant bears fruit for 5 years or more.

    However, the bushes really need pruning. To decide which branches to remove, still during the summer, observe the annual growth of the fruiting branch (young green upper part of the shoot over the brushes with berries) - it should be about 40 cm for varieties with medium growth (not weak). If the annual growth of mature branches is weakened and is only 15-20 cm - this is a signal that such branches do not have sufficient growth intensity, and they can be safely removed.
    Next year, from the sleeping buds grow strong young shoots, which will then be laid fruit buds and a new rich harvest.

  2. Irina KUDRINA, Voronezh

    Currant from the handle
    Red and black currant cherenkuyu at the same time, when I plant winter garlic. I'm preparing a bed somewhere at the end of the site, because I will not touch it until next autumn. I cut the cuttings from the bush, which I want to multiply. I leave
    on cuttings on four kidneys, but if I breed a scarce variety, then two. I plant them at an angle - so that the lower section looks south, and the upper one - to the north. Before freezing I fall asleep mulch. In the spring, I shovel it and, if I find the ones raised from the earth,
    I cut them down to the same level. In September-October, I transplant the annual saplings to a permanent place and subsequently form lush bushes out of them. The survival rate of cuttings is about 80%.

  3. Albina

    That's right!


  4. a lot of extra work is easier to grow a new bush


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