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  1. N. Zinoviev Pskov region.

    In the special literature, we had to meet very contradictory data about the temperature of drinking water for goats and sheep. Some say that it is enough and 10 °, in other sources it is indicated that it is necessary to heat up almost to 30 °. Who is right?

    • G. AFANASIEV, zootechnician

      First of all, I would like to note that by nature both sheep and goats are mountain animals. And in the mountain rivers, the water, as you know, is quite cold. Therefore, 25-30 ° is, of course, bust. The normal water temperature for sheep and goats is from 10 ° to 20 °. But it is also important to take into account the season, conditions of detention and level of feeding. The need for water also varies depending on the amount of succulent feed in the daily diet.
      If the supply of feed is limited, then the water must be warmer, so that the animal's organism does not spend energy on its warming.
      The same applies to pregnant females and males during the breeding season. Since they need more energy at this time, it is better to give warm water. Moreover, females - a little more than usual: with a lack of water in the body, they lose their appetite, which negatively affects the development of embryos.
      In warm weather, animals with great pleasure consume cool water. But it is not recommended to give too cold immediately from a well or a well. Very cold water can lead to disruption of the work of the prednies, to stop the scar.
      It is widely believed that in winter goats and sheep can be given snow instead of water. This is a big mistake. If the animal is forced to eat snow or drink water, the temperature of which is close to zero, then it will not be able to drink the required amount. And this will decrease productivity. In addition, consumption of too cold water can cause abortion. Therefore, it is better not to be lazy and pour water once more into the drinker. Especially since goats and sheep have enough two-, three-time drinking per day. The more frequent need for drinking water, as a rule, indicates that the animal is sick, and in this case it is necessary to be alert and take a closer look at it. Often, increased thirst occurs with helminthiases.
      On the other hand, it is known that cold water stimulates appetite, and those who keep fattening cattle use this simple trick. By the way, this concerns not only sheep and goats. It is noticed that, for example, broilers that are drunk with cold (up to 10 °) water, eat more and grow faster. The main thing is to lower the water temperature gradually and not to give ice water in the heat, because the animals also catch a cold. For cows, horses, pigs, 10 °, of course, is not enough, but 14-16 ° is already quite normal.
      Of course, drinking water must be clean, benign. To any additives (whey, herbal infusion), animals need to be accustomed gradually. Categorically you can not water animals from puddles, marshes and ponds, because the water in them can be contaminated with eggs of worms.

  2. Lyudmila

    Choosing a dairy goat

    When buying, always carefully examine the animal, focusing on the appearance. If there is such an opportunity, it's a good idea to look at the mother of the purchased goat. A healthy milk goat has a cheerful appearance, a shiny smooth coat, strong bones and a thick thin skin. Her chest and back are wide. The abdomen is large, barrel-shaped. The legs are set broad, straight, with strong hoofs. The udder is undemisked and lean. After milking on the udder of a high-yielding goat, many fine wrinkles appear. If it is greatly reduced, it means that it is able to produce and accumulate a lot of milk. Nipples should not be very long and not too short. If the udder is slack and dangling when walking from one side to the other, and also sharply divided in half - it is not worth taking such a goat. O Horns, suit, earrings (skin growths on the neck) do not influence the lactation of the goat. But age matters. The highest productivity in animals is manifested after 2-3 lambing. After 5-6, milk yields decrease noticeably.


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