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  1. Svetlana OGAREVA, the city of Kostroma

    Black spots, which are afraid of pepper
    If quickly growing black spots with a yellow border appeared on the leaves and stems of pepper or eggplant, and watery sores appeared on the fruits, then the plant became ill with black bacterial spotting.
    Its causative agent is a bacterium that feels good in a warm, moist environment. Therefore, outbreaks most often occur in an environment with high humidity, where it equally affects peppers, eggplants, tomatoes.
    If very young shoots and seedlings are affected, then it is difficult to save them. Adult diseased plants need to immediately cut damaged shoots, remove diseased fruits and sprinkle plantings with potassium permanganate solution.
    The main way to combat spotting is prevention. It is very important to maintain optimal humidity, temperature conditions in the greenhouse and under shelters, avoiding overheating and the formation of fog. Plants must be properly formed, timely remove excess shoots and leaves, so as not to create thickening. The causative agent of the disease is stored on the seeds, so before sowing they need to be disinfected for half an hour in a solution of potassium permanganate. After a strong outbreak of the disease in the greenhouse, it is better to replace the soil.

  2. Zinaida KUZMINA, Saint-Petersburg

    Peppers afflicted
    This year, sweet peppers grew strong, large, tore them bright green. In fresh form they were delicious, juicy, with a light bitter taste. But when I decided to make stuffed peppers, after the heat treatment they became bitter. It was impossible to eat them. What could be the reason?

    • Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

      Most likely, sweet peppers did not grow alone - there were also plants of hot pepper, cayenne pepper, chili, etc. After dusting with sweet pepper, they gave the fruit bitterness. To prevent this from happening, plant peppers of different varieties at a distance from each other and buy proven planting stock - spatial isolation is always respected in seed farms.
      There is another possible cause of bitterness. You ripped the peppers green, and some 8 varieties that are immature can give the fruits a distinct bitterness.

  3. Guest feedback

    Each vegetable is secret
    All garden inhabitants have their secrets, knowing which, you can repeatedly increase the yield of your favorite vegetables.
    Cabbage loves to be steeped. After this procedure, it builds up additional roots, which increases the possibilities for nutrition and promotes weight gain.
    Kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts should not be planted on fresh manure, because all food will go to the leaves to the detriment of the formation of stems and kochanchikov.
    Tomatoes are generous to fruits and ripen faster if they are timely rid of stepchildren.
    Potatoes will give more tubers, if during the flowering of its opry-
    skip 2% solution of superphosphate, potassium salt and Bordeaux liquid.
    Cucumbers before the mass flowering should be denied for a few days in the watering. Dry rations stimulate the formation of female flowers.
    The onion will be large if the upper part of the bulb is ripped from the soil before ripening.
    Pumpkin plants produce a large number of air roots, which improves their nutrition and increases yield. Therefore, the stems with the roots that appear should be pointed and pinned, sprinkled with earth.
    Maya Shmalts, Armavir, Krasnodar Territory


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