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  1. Yakov, Voronezh

    My asparagus always has the best spot. And the first 2 years after planting, I do not harvest - I give asparagus to get stronger. But then I have abundant tasty and unusually healthy shoots.
    The main thing in asparagus care is timely and properly composed feeding. The first time I feed plants about 3 weeks after planting - I water the cow manure infusion. To do this, I dilute the manure with water in a ratio of 1: 5 and use it after 2-3 days.
    After 2 weeks, I fill the chicken droppings with water in a ratio of 1:10 and also let me brew - this time for a week. This is the 2nd feeding. And the third, final, I spend complex mineral fertilizer shortly before the onset of cold weather. I adhere to this feeding pattern annually.
    Starting from 3, I start harvesting. As a rule, it is enough to feed everyone, and to freeze for the winter.

  2. Oksana YELKINA, Tambov

    Bleached Asparagus - Gentle
    To improve the taste of vegetables, to make them more tender, an agricultural technique such as bleaching is used. My son, for example, did not like the dishes of asparagus. But after I started whitening the asparagus sprouts on the bed, my son changed his mind.
    In early spring (early May), I plant the soil of plants from 3 years and older. Obtained mounds on 20-25 cm, inside which shoots grow. Since the sun's rays do not hit them, the sprouts remain white, they do not turn green. With the appearance of the tops of asparagus on the surface of the mounds, I shovel the earth and cut off the shoots at the base.
    Instead of hilling it is possible to install a greenhouse of black film over a garden with asparagus or to cover plants separately with containers that do not allow light to pass through. Asparagus is growing
    fast. Harvest should be collected every day or every other day (if the weather is cool). Cut must be even ugly, damaged shoots, so that they do not slow down the growth of the following. And so until the end of June. Then the harvesting should be stopped, so that the plant roots do not perish from exhaustion. Let the asparagus rest of the summer grow, as it is designated by nature: it becomes green, branches and accumulates nutrients that will help the roots survive the coming winter.
    However, beds with asparagus can not be thrown. It is necessary to continue to weed it, loosen the soil, water the planting. During the season, you should feed the asparagus 3-4 times, bringing in 20-30 g of complex fertilizers for 1 sq. M. m. At the end of the garden season, fill in the ground with 2-3 buckets of humus per sq. m. m.


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