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    It has long been a tradition in our family to plant something unusual every summer season, which was not only in our garden, but also in our neighbors. This summer is marked by the appearance of a real sensation (all gardening ran to us to look at this miracle) - white cucumbers of the Mishka variety in the North.
    Despite the completely unusual appearance of these cucumbers, their agricultural technology is exactly the same as that of simple greens. After the appearance of four true leaves, we treated the plants with a fungicide in order to increase resistance to powdery mildew (although recently, for these purposes we have begun to increasingly use metronide-zol - one tablet per 0,5 l of water).
    Then the cucumbers were fed with a solution of bird droppings (1: 4). The smell was, of course, tear out your eyes, but the plants are such a "bums" - like a treat.
    One important point. Such a solution should only work under the root of the plants and only if there is no pond next to the garden.
    And then one friend, whose plot on the shore of the pond, actively watered beds
    diluted chicken droppings, and all the carps in the water surfaced up belly ...
    Then we did weeding, loosening, tying up weaving, well, and watered, of course, tirelessly. By the way, if there is insufficient pollination, you can shake whips with flowers a little before watering. This technique is also good for peppers, aubergines and tomatoes.
    The emerald foliage and the fruits of the first snow looked spectacular! Such cucumbers are good in fresh and lightly salted, and canned, and they are also ideal for children and people suffering from bronchial asthma and allergies. Their taste is delicate, cucumber with creamy tinge. In a word, plant Mishka in the North, and you will immediately please everyone.


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