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  1. K. Osipova St. Petersburg

    I want to decorate the porch with pots with blooming onions. Tell me, what to plant?

    • Elena

      The view of the pots with blooming onions has been teasing us for a long time. But unfortunately, all this beauty is photographed in Europe, where bulbous in pots winter. And these spectacular compositions are created very simply, in the beginning of autumn bulbs are bought, planted in containers where they take root and winter. And in the spring they bloom. There they are fed, watered when the foliage turns yellow, the pots are removed from the eyes, dig out the bulbs, stored as usual, and planted again in the fall. But it’s not in the pot, but in the garden, as large bulbs do not “load” in the container due to the small volume of the substrate and the required weight. Small-bulbous ones suffer to a lesser degree, but nevertheless they should not be returned to the container immediately, you need to give time to "catch your breath" in the garden.
      We have a great deal of difficulty with these containers - wintering. If you put them simply on the ground, then they will not suffer only in a very mild winter. So, they must either be dug up “on the shoulders” (very laborious and the surface of the container will get dirty), or covered with sawdust or wood chips. Just do not cover with your head, some bulbous, such as tulips and muscari, sprout without waiting for spring, and the sprouts can be broken. Other options are even more time consuming.
      Small pots with small onions, which are nice to decorate the house for Easter, are made quite simple. But only if a certain excess of these very small-bulbous ones has accumulated in the garden, many of which tend to grow quite intensively. Dig already grown and blooming plants, plant the bulbs close to each other in a container, the surface is easiest to decorate with moss. It turns out such a "bouquet". This can be done with Scycles, Pushkinias, Hionodok-sami and Galanthus, and not with Crested Crocuses and Crocuses (instantly wither).

  2. Eugene

    We grow bulbous flowers for the New Year holidays
    For distillation, select large healthy bulbs. Place drainage (expanded clay, crushed brick) at the bottom of the pot or bowl, then pour sand with a layer of 1-2 cm and fill it with soil mixture to the edges, then pour it abundantly with a weak pink solution of potassium permanganate. Onion, if there are no young white roots, press on the shoulders with the bottom at the bottom, or you can make a hole 4-5 cm deep, place the onion there and squeeze the soil tightly around. After such a planting, the top (neck) of the bulb is at the level of the edges of the pot and 2 cm above the soil. The distance in the pot or bowl between adjacent bulbs is 5-6 cm. Cover the pot with a paper bag and place it for 1-1,5 months in a cool place where the temperature is kept at 6-9 degrees. The soil during this period should always be moist. When the seedlings reach 5-8 cm, transfer the pots for a week to a room with a temperature of 16-18 degrees, and then - 20-22 degrees and gradually remove the paper caps for several hours, then remove the shelter completely and regularly water the plants. As a rule, bulbous flowers begin to bloom 20-21 days after they are brought into a warm room.


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