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  1. Lapina Irina

    Raspberry seductive, or strawberry raspberry (Rubus illecebrosus) - a very original plant; the leaves are like raspberries, and the fruits are like garden strawberries. This groundcover shrub is very decorative and is particularly suitable for planting on a slope, as it has a powerful, branched root system. However, the last feature is both a plant's advantage and its disadvantage: raspberries grow incredibly fast, so you need to dig a border tape around the perimeter of the planting. The “pet” blooms from July to September, after which scarlet fruits appear, which in wild forms are rather tasteless. But the breeders have already dealt with this problem - they brought out the novelty 'Asterix' with aromatic fruits. By the way, a plant of this variety does not grow so fast and is suitable for growing in tubs.

    • Sawa

      If you can give a link to this 'Asterix' or where in the search engines of this sort of raspberries I can not find, you can throw it here dlyasata@ukr.net


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