1. Elena FEDOROVA, Vologda Region

    Lemon? An Apple? Cucumber!

    There is such a variety of cucumber, which simply has a fabulous name - Crystal apple. But we, gardeners, often call it lemon cucumber. This he owes his color: soft emerald - in young fruits and rich yellow - in ripe specimens. It will not work to add this “lemon” to tea, but it is ideal for salads, appetizers, marinades. What are its advantages? Firstly, the variety is fruitful. From each lash we collect at least 15 kg of fruit per season, or even more. And secondly, it has a very light, fresh taste.
    Lemon cucumber is unpretentious in leaving. He loves light, fertilized soils, but his main requirements are heat and moisture. During flowering, you need to water more abundant than usual, and from time to time to loosen.

    A cucumber-lemon is called a cucumber tree. The fact is that the bush grows very much, which means it is necessary to provide enough space for the plant.


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