1. Michael FOR THE RIGHT. Voronezh region

    The earwoman has overcome!
    The earwig (or twig) appears on areas with high humidity. She is
    very gluttonous and can quickly destroy the crop. There are several methods to deal with an annoying pest.
    Clean the beds from weeds, foliage and rotting wood. Collect pests manually, then treat the site with infusion of onion and garlic. For spraying, a herbal infusion of wormwood, tansy and yarrow is suitable. It is not superfluous to add laundry soap.
    In the morning, place old rags or newspapers in places where the earwig is the most. It is advisable to place them in the shade. In the evening, trap the traps with boiling water, and the twins immediately die. In the autumn, you must dig a site.


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