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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Basil (among the people of Vasilisin grass) is an undeservedly forgotten perennial with spectacular fluffy white or purple inflorescences and delicate leaves that look like aquilegia foliage. On my site, Basil water-collecting reaches a height of 0,7-1 m.

    Previously, it was grown from seeds sown in open ground in late autumn (in warmer regions, this can be done in December). After 3-4 years in the spring, I divided the overgrown bushes. In early February of this year, I soaked nut seeds for better germination for 2 days in water. I poured sand into a shallow container, moistened it and laid out the seed material on top, sent it a little with sand, spilled it with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
    I covered it with a lid and held it for a couple of days at a temperature of + 24-25 degrees. Then I sent it to the refrigerator for stratification for a month, sometimes checking for mold. In March, she sowed the prepared seeds in a box with purchased seedling soil, covered it with foil and put it on a light windowsill. Ventilated daily. Shoots appeared in two weeks. I watered them with a spray bottle. In the phase of true leaves, it was split into separate cups. In May she moved to a greenhouse. The basil was transplanted to a permanent place (in partial shade near the reservoir) in August at a distance of 40 cm from each other. For the winter, she covered it with compost.
    "Youth" will bloom next year.

  2. Anna Poliakova, Zhitkovichi

    The diploid arborealis has been growing in my garden for 7 years. Now he has become worse looking. Can it be divided and seated?

    • OOO "Sad"

      This powerful, beautiful, tall plant with fluffy panicles (up to 1 m in height) of small purple flowers. In the second half of summer they decorate the garden for a long time. Try not to lose the plant, multiply it, but not by division.
      He does not like him. Try in spring to separate and plant root shoots. Pick up for a new plant a well-lit place with nutrient soil and good drainage. By the way, the vasilitist grows slowly.


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