1. Svetlana MYYKINA. Suzdal

    Our favorite - the apple tree of Ned-zvetsky - has no equal in the combination of beauty, unpretentiousness and universality. This winter-hardy, undemanding tree tolerates pruning, looks beautiful alone and in a group with other plants, withstands urban gas contamination, tolerates drought, and waterlogging, is little affected by pests, lives long.
    And most importantly, the Nedzvetsky apple tree is beautiful at any time of the year - spring leaves are saturated but purple and color, in the summer they become dark green, turn yellow and red by autumn. In winter, small raspberry fruits on long stalks adorn the tree for a long time. But the most beautiful is the spring bloom! By splendor and brightness of flowering apple tree Nedzvetskogo
    even lilac overshadows. Bright pink flowers on long peduncles are collected in large brushes, the crown is completely covered by them so that no branches are visible. When I first saw this beauty, I could not take my eyes off! Immediately decided - I want! We bought two seedlings in the nursery in the fall and immediately planted them in prepared pits filled with a mixture of garden soil and humus. In the first summer, seedlings were abundantly watered, then watering with top dressing was carried out 2 times a year, in spring and autumn. Every spring in the spring, 1/3 of the young shoots were shortened and all of the shoots removed. As a result, small trees were formed with a stump about 1 m high and a compact crown. Without pruning, the trees would grow taller and more spreading, but I did not want to obscure the flower garden.


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