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  1. Anna Poyarkova

    Four dressings for broccoli
    This summer I was especially pleased with broccoli. The heads grew large and dense. And all because it was the right menu for cabbage.

    The first time I fed the seedlings two weeks after disembarking the bed: after watering I poured l for a solution of mullein (0,7: 1) for each plant on 10 l.

    Two weeks later, sprayed with a solution of HB-101 (2 drops on 1 l of water).

    When the inflorescences began to form, 10 g of superphosphate, 40 g of ammonium nitrate and 20 g of potassium sulfate were dissolved in 10 l of water. Poured the cabbage with clean water, then poured 1 l of solution onto each plant.

    The fourth dressing conducted after harvesting the first harvest (the broccoli stalks left on the garden beds). In 10 liter of water diluted 30 g of potassium sulfate, 20 g of superphosphate and 10 g of ammonium nitrate. Under each plant poured 0,7 l of nutrient composition.

  2. Love

    I advise you to choose the seeds of Dutch breeding. On seedlings sow them 10-15 May, seedlings are planted along with white cabbage. Do not put on greasy soil. I do not add any additional fertilizer, only 3-4 times rake the ground and water it with clean water. Blossoms not for long, it begins to bear fruit early, grows until the middle of October. I do not delete my stepchildren. And also, if you grow red cabbage, also take seeds of Dutch breeding.

  3. Natalia Grushko, Stavropol Territory

    In the middle belt, broccoli is planted in seedlings in March. I am engaged in crops in April, and immediately in the garden. Firstly, we have warmth. Secondly, for the spring planting, I prepare a warm patch in the fall. On the site of the future bed I make a hole 20 deep, I fill it with compost, then with earth. In the spring I make a wooden frame for the size of the bed and set it at the end of March. From above I cover with a frame.

    In spring, the sun warms up the soil in the greenhouse for 10-15 days, and already in early April I sow cabbage there. After 2 weeks, thin out the shoots. Be sure to sprinkle the ground around the perimeter of the crushed eggshell. It contains calcium necessary for broccoli, and also such a frame made of shells serves as a reliable barrier for slugs who adore young seedlings of cabbage. At the end of April, I begin to harden seedlings - I remove the frame in the morning, close it in the evening, and 2 days before the transplant I leave the broccoli open at night. Thanks to this hardening, broccoli perfectly survives in the open field after transplanting.

  4. Lidia CHERKASOVA, Pskov region

    Growing broccoli in pre-production conditions
    From childhood I remember how my mother grew greens, cucumbers and tomatoes on the balcony. Now I'm doing it myself. This year I wanted something new, and planted ... broccoli in the apartment!
    Before planting, it is necessary to sort and soak the seeds in a nutrient solution. Then prepare the soil mixture: in the ground with humus add on 0,5 kg of coarse sand and wood ash. Arrange the pots for seedlings and plant germinated seeds to a depth of 2 cm. Sprinkle the top with damp earth. Before emergence, it is important to maintain the temperature from 20 to 25 °.
    Sprouts appear after 5 days. 6 this time it is necessary to place the seedlings in the brightest place. If this is not possible, you need to create artificial lighting. When 3 grows real leaf, it's time to transplant the plants into large containers.
    Note that cabbage for normal growth requires an 1 bucket of land per bush. A ready "plantation" broccoli can be placed on a warm balcony or window sill. When plants take root, you should start feeding. It is better to alternate organic and mineral fertilizers.


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