1. Elena KORZUN, Moscow

    Proper nutrition for garlic
    Neighbors in the country often complained that the leaves on garlic they quickly turn yellow, and the heads grow small. But my tips helped them to get rich harvests.
    Much depends on soil fertility and top dressing. Most often, garlic leaves turn yellow from a lack of nitrogen. Therefore, after appropriate feeding, the situation changes rapidly. But the future crop is planted much earlier - when planting. If it’s a warm autumn, I’m not in a hurry to drop off and transfer the work to mid-October.
    In a dug in front of the garden I put in a bucket of compost or humus for 1 sq. M. m. The overgrown organics is a major bulb. Also I deposit 200 g of ash and 2 st. l. double superphosphate. Instead of ash, you can add 1 art. l. potassium salt. I mix all this with a spatula.
    The cloves of garlic are powdered with bone meal and I plant them on a fertile patch. In spring, after melting snow, I scatter bone meal along the garlic plantations. It will enrich the bed with nitrogen, and the leaves will be large and rich green. Instead of bone meal you can use urea (1 spoonfuls per 10 L of water). From the end of spring to the middle of July 2-3 times I make dry fertilizing. Before watering pour under the plants for 10 g complex fertilizer at 1 square. m.


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