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    Currant with gooseberry - at different angles
    Do not plant black currant on the place where gooseberry before (and vice versa), because they have some diseases. Generally, if possible, cultivate these crops on a site far apart.

  2. Dmitry SAVELYEV

    Currant on a "bicycle"
    The rim of the old bicycle wheel will still serve the summer owner. In the spring, gently I put it on a bush of currant or gooseberry, from below I substitute branch-rogatina. Such an arrangement protects branches of bushes from lodging, and berries - from spoilage.

  3. Snezhana Lozhkina, Omsk

    In my garden grow 5 bushes of black currant. They did not require special nursing until the pale-legged sawfly settled on the leaves. One female of this time is able to postpone up to 150
    Eggs at a time. You can find them on the underside of the sheet. False caterpillars hatching from the eggs, eat up the leaves of the homeland to the veins, from this they become pro-transparent and begin to twist. The most terrible thing in all this situation is that during the summer the sawflies lay eggs 2, and even 3 times.
    I use insecticides to control sawflies. The first time I spray the currants in early spring, immediately after bud break. The second time - after flowering and the third time after harvest. And since adult larvae hibernate in cocoons in the soil under the bushes, in the fall I remove the top layer of earth in the trunk circles and pour new soil into it. If it is not possible to replace the soil, you must at least dig up the trunk circle in the fall.

  4. Ruslam Khudoev, Cherepovets

    Time to plant the currant
    Black currants should be planted in the second half of September. Then it will have time to take root and settle down to frost. It is important to choose a suitable site and plant it correctly.
    To the currant well fruited, I plant new bushes every 3 years. Rooted cuttings from the best plants, which are not sick, with large delicious berries. Sometimes I buy new varieties.
    I plant along the fence on the south side. Then the seedlings are protected from cold winds and drafts, as a result of which they get better and yield a greater yield. On dry open slopes the black currant grows poorly, so I take away for it wet, slightly lowered places where water does not stagnate. There must be a lot of sunlight, then the berries will be fragrant and sweet.
    I prepare the pits 3 weeks before planting. I put in them a bucket of rotted organic matter, 25 g of potassium sulfate. 100 g of granulated superphosphate, a glass of wood ash. I mix it all. Currants do not like high acidity of the soil. Lime must first be added to such land - 300-800 g per 1 sq. m.
    I plant the currant in the pits poured, for the best bushy tops of the shoots cut. Soon saplings take root, and spring blossom.

  5. Elizabeth the Good. Saint Petersburg

    It is best to plant black currants in a wind-protected, low, well-humid place. The main thing is that it is not swampy. Currants also love light, so think about that as well. I level the selected area. After that, I dig the soil onto a shovel bayonet (depth is about 20 cm), after applying fertilizers at the rate of 1 m ^: organic - 3-4 kg, granular superphosphate - 100-150 g, potassium sulfate -20-30 g. On acidic in soils for digging, lime can be added at a dose of 0,3-0,8 kg / mg.

  6. OPHGA BLUDILINA, town of Shakhty

    Fish dressing for currant
    It has long been known that the fish is rich in phosphorus, but could not assume that it can be used as a fertilizer for plants. And when I heard about it, I decided to check it out.
    When planting the black currant bush as fertilizer in the planting pit, I poured out 1,5 kg of fresh small fishes and a handful of oats (you can rye, wheat). Fish, decaying, nourished the young roots of currants. And the grain of oats, trying to germinate, loosened the soil and also fed it.
    In such fertile land, the currant system began to develop well in the root system. She quickly took root and actively went into growth. In addition, the bush planted on the fish began to bear fruit much earlier than the rest, and the branches were strong and well developed.


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