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  1. Yulia Antonikovna Mykhailychenko, St. Petersburg

    Your tulip for the holiday
    I want to try to get 8 Martha their blooming tulips and hyacinths. Now in the garden shops you can buy bulbs. And how to make them blossom by the time?

    • Julia

      Exactly, day after day, you will not make them bloom. Now they sell bulbs specially prepared for distillation. As a matter of fact - stratified, passed from the end of autumn storage at the lowered temperatures. They are somewhat more expensive.
      A bulb, stored in the usual way, prepare for 8 March is now somewhat late, but you can still try. Place the large bulbs on the bottom of the refrigerator
      with a minimum positive temperature. And three weeks before the holiday, drop them into small pots (you can with peat). Until the sprouts appear, the pots should be in a cool, not necessarily bright place, watered carefully, so that the substrate is slightly moist. And only the beaks of the sprouts will appear, place them on the light, on the windowsill and begin to water more abundantly. We hope you will succeed!


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