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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I want to share my experience in storing garlic (winter or spring - no difference).
    Many gardeners lose their harvest, possibly due to improper storage.

    Soot and grow by the general rules. In the fall, during harvesting, I tie up garlic in bundles of 15-20 pieces and hang them in a shed, providing drafts for a week on 2-3. At this time, doing other things. When the garlic dries, cut the tops, leaving 2-3 cm, and roots, without damaging the bottom. Then I put it in a plastic bucket, I fall asleep on top of dry grain (wheat) so that the garlic is all closed. I put in the kitchen in the lower part of the cabinet.
    Everything! Garlic is stored without loss. The sun is not dry. On landing I select the best heads. I wish everyone great harvests!

  2. Lydia, Bryansk

    About cleaning and storage of garlic a lot has already been written, but I think my story about this superfluous will not be at all

    So I want to talk about some small things. When I dig out the garlic, I immediately wash it in two waters, and then I place the roots in the plastic drawers upwards so that the water drains better and they get rid of moisture faster. As soon as they dry out, I immediately chop off the stems, leaving the "tails" of 20-25 in length, so that you can tie them all in bundles and hang them for further drying in the street, in the courtyard. The garlic is aired for a night (I put it in the shed for the night), next day I cut off its roots (if this is tried before, they will be too wet and the scissors will hardly take them, and if later, the roots dry out and again it will be difficult them to cut).

    After pruning for a few more days, I dry the heads, but not under direct sun, but in the shade. When the garlic is completely dry, I completely cut off the "tails", leaving the hemp 1 cm long, and I put it in 3-liter cans, which I store in the kitchen in the cupboard. Banks, by the way, do not close anything, and garlic is well preserved until the new harvest. I even plant the rest of the stocks in the fall in strawberries. At the same time I now want to share my experience of saving plantings from a carrot fly. As soon as a real leaf appears on the plants, I immediately spray them with water with the addition of kerosene (2 tbsp per bucket), and the leaves are never twisted. A cabbage from the caterpillars sprayed with a solution of vinegar (in the same proportion), and butterflies fly over my garden beds. I wish all good harvests and 100% preservation of the harvested crop.

  3. S.Prokopenko, Tver

    I collect garlic from the ridges when the scales on the bulbs begin to burst. It is important not to be late, but not to rush. Otherwise, garlic may become sluggish during storage. Dig carefully so as not to damage the teeth. It is also important that the neck (base of the stem) is intact. Such garlic lies all winter. Therefore, this responsible work is done only by myself. I have many men in my family — a husband and three sons — but they are not digging as carefully.
    Therefore, garlic is a woman's concern. Although they love him all: this is a noble healer.

  4. Alexandra CHELYADNIKOVA, Priluki rayon

    Let's make garlic in b «
    On the advice of a good acquaintance of a piece of garlic this year, I store in a three-liter jar. I filled it almost to the top with garlic cloves. I lit a candle and held it near the neck. When burnt out, quickly closed the jar with a kapron lid and carried it to the basement (if there is no basement, it is better to roll it with a metal lid). Let's see what the result will be! While garlic is good.

    A random fellow travelers on the bus shared two more tips. So, one storyteller keeps garlic and onions, dipping them in a slightly water-diluted egg white foam. This is how much eggs do you need ?! And one man assured me that garlic and onions dipped in a mushy little chattle (clay + water + ash), dried and hung in a grid in the basement. And what do you think about it?

  5. Dmitry Kharchevich, Bryansk

    I store garlic in my grandmother's recipe. As soon as he ripens, digs, I cleanse of rootlets and stems. The largest and healthiest heads I leave with a part of the stalk, tie into bundles and hang in a barn until the time comes.
    plant them under the winter. A piece of garlic without stems is dried in the sun and used for food. Most of this garlic is kept until spring. Dried in the sun, the heads are scattered on wooden planks in the attic
    shed. And late autumn I cover with an old warm blanket, coats and jackets. In the early spring, I open the garlic, I let it get aired. This simple method has never failed me!


    Garlic with roots
    Dig up the garlic, leaving the ground on the roots, then dry it in the sun and shake it off the ground, but leave the roots. I store houses in a box on the closet. Stored well, almost does not dry up. Before that, I kept in cans or paper bags, but everything was spoiled. This method I have been using for more than 10 years and I believe that this is the best way to store garlic.

  7. Galina

    Before that, I had the experience of planting spring garlic in the traditional way. He planted dry cloves in early spring, but even in September he did not want to go to bed and stood in full green, i.e. continued to grow. But, alas, September, it is September - neither the sun is in abundance, nor heat. As a result, I pulled out garlic with green juicy leaves and a very modest head. But still she continued to plant, because to taste it can not be compared with winter.
    Yarovoy definitely outperforms the winter crop in this respect. And now in the spring I did it all differently. Found in the old numbers of the publication on garlic and heeded the advice of seasoned truck farmers. In the third decade of March I took out the heads from the cupboard, they were lying in a box in my box. The teeth took only the outer ones: they are larger than the internal ones. Then she took the box from the cake and, wetting a rag, laid it on the bottom. On damp cloth razlozhila denticles and covered the other with a damp rag.
    I got 50 pieces. Little, of course, but there was no more worthy material. She lowered the box into the underground - the temperature there is positive, but the potatoes do not germinate until May. And I planted the 10 largest cloves in small pots and put them on the windowsill. I decided that it would be a mother liquor of spring garlic.
    From time to time, descended into the underground for "pets." Delivered to the light, examined and watched the moisture of the rags. Soon on the denticles appeared roots, and the garlic that was planted in pots, evenly ascended. In the beginning of May I planted all this beauty on a bed, covered with non-woven material: I was afraid that the seedlings would freeze. Yes, and moisture under the shelter is better preserved. Planting my well developed. Once I fed them with a mild whisperer, that's all. Watered, polo, loosened. At the end of August I fell into garlic and I pulled it out. Matochnik was (as I wanted) larger. But the rest looked very presentable! Now I have become a holder of good planting material and will continue to grow spring garlic in this way. By the way, the remnants of the garlic heads destroyed during the selection of denticles are kept well, and I have been using them for a whole month when preparing dishes.

  8. Igor GRABOVSKY, city of Severodonetsk, Lugansk region.

    Removing garlic, I immediately sort the heads. I use damaged ones first. If there are a lot of them, then I clean the part, cut into slices and dry on a battery. And part, having cleared and put in a jar, I fill in with sunflower oil. I close the capron lid - and in the refrigerator. It is good to fry meat in this oil or season it with vinaigrette.
    For the rest of the heads - beautiful, with a lot of tight-fitting integumentary scales - I cut the roots and singe the bottom on a candle. They say it is possible above the stove burner. I clean the scorched place and rub the ashes with a cloth.
    Then I take 200 ml of sunflower oil and in a saucepan I bake on low heat for 3 hours. As it cools down, I drop 15-20 drops of iodine into it and mix well. I smear with cotton swab and dab garlic. After these procedures, I lay out the heads on a newspaper so that they dry out a little. A moisture-proof film forms on their surface, and the cloves do not grow. The dry stem stem prevents them from suffocating. I pour the garlic processed in this way into the basement under the house in shallow boxes with a maximum of 8 3 layers. It is stored perfectly - it’s a sin to complain.

  9. Vladimir SKOPTSOV

    This year, for the first time, I stored garlic in flour - and so far no one tooth has disappeared! In a clay deep bowl (you can have a glass jar), put the head of garlic down in a row and pour it over with flour. And so - layers to the very top. The last layer was covered with flour at 1-2 cm above the heads.

  10. Ekaterina Andreevna

    I want to share a secret about what needs to be done when planting, so that the summer garlic grows large and healthy.
    At the beginning of April, I take apart the heads into cloves. I take a baking sheet, line it with a dampened piece of cloth and put the cloves tightly-tightly there. Then I cover the baking sheet with the same damp piece of cloth, I put everything on the chair, and the chair under the table (it is warm and there is no light). Every day I check to see if the fabric is dry, and if necessary, moisten it with water. And soon roots appear on the cloves. As soon as this happened - you can already plant. In general, I want to say that garlic loves early planting and therefore grows well (unless, of course, the land is also properly prepared). Harvesting large heads is a pleasure. Yes, by the way, I’ll tell you at the same time the simplest way, how to reliably preserve the harvest in the cellar from any mice and rats.
    And you just need to spread bunches of dried wormwood on top of the stocks. I personally always do this, and I do not have any losses from uninvited tailed guests. By the way, I protect wormwood from the rodents by planting them in the garden: I tie the trunks around them near the ground, and I simply lay them around the berry bushes around a small layer (and even hang them on the lower branches of the bushes so that these eternally hungry creatures never come to mind food on the paws to get up, otherwise they are oh-oh-th, which are quick).

  11. G.I. ZHURAVLEVA, St. Petersburg

    As if from a garden
    Many garlic for the winter either sprouts, or dries, or begins to rot, but I seem to have just come from the garden. That's how I store it.
    First, just after harvest, I dry very well. I'm falling apart in the attic, and there it is, dry and warm, as it dries up. For some time I can not stand it: I just take a couple of heads sometimes and check whether it is dry or not.
    When the garlic dries, I shift it into glass jars, I wrap the necks with a cloth. So the garlic will breathe and not damp. I keep cans of garlic at home on the windowsill, but I do not have a sunny side, so you need to be careful with this.
    If nevertheless sprouted in the spring too early, then I take it to the dacha, I make it a pits folder, I spill the earth with boiling water and in so warmed soil I plant. Even if the schedule is still too early, garlic will survive, it tolerates freezing.

  12. Nadezhda Grishchenkova, Mogilev

    I remove winter garlic in July-August, and spring harvest in September. I cut off the cervix to 5 cm (I do not touch the rootlets) and land on the veranda. The heads are dried if they crumble onto the teeth when squeezed. I bookmark the storage. I select bulbs with damaged or bared teeth, decaying or just suspicious.


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