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  1. Valentin Sergeevich

    I really love the garden. He feeds us all year, and therefore I am responsible for growing vegetables. Experience has accumulated, and I want to say thank you for having the opportunity to share tips. My advice is about cucumbers. In August, plants are most likely to be affected by downy mildew, fruit rot and viral diseases. Cucumbers affected by downy mildew are advised to be treated with a weak solution of urea (1 g / l). At the first symptoms of viral diseases, continuous spraying of the bushes with an aqueous solution of milk (10 parts of water and 1 part of milk) with the addition of a small amount of iodine (per 10 l of a solution of 5-10 drops of iodine) can be carried out. When white and gray rot appear, the affected parts of the stems are usually sprinkled with crushed coal or chalk. All sick fruits are best removed

  2. Evgenia BEREZENKO, Lipetsk

    Zelenka from cucumber diseases
    The antiseptic properties of Zelenka make it useful not only in a home medicine cabinet, but also in the garden. In particular, it helps me fight cucumber diseases. To prevent fungal diseases, I constantly add it to water for irrigation - 10 drops per large bucket. From basal rot, I grease the bases of cucumber stalks to a height of 15-20 cm with brilliant green diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2. If powdery mildew or powdery mildew attacked your cucumbers, then spraying them with the following solution will save them: a pharmacy vial (10 ml) of greenery, 2 tbsp. l urea and 2 l of whey in 8 l of water. Perform 3 procedures at intervals of 1 week, and there will be no trace of the disease!

  3. Inna PRUSHCHAK, Tula

    Fresh cucumbers - in the fall
    Cucumbers are our favorite vegetables in our family. Therefore, I try to maximize the period of fruiting, and over the years I have come to understand what is needed for this.
    First of all, I choose for a landing of cucumbers windless solar patches, where they grow better and ripen faster. Remember, "forgotten" cucumbers will only take away the strength of the plant, preventing a new crop, so always collect them on time. I also regularly remove all yellowed old and lower leaves (so that they do not delay the nutrients).
    In late August, I reduce root dressing, replacing them with foliar ones - at the end of summer, the earth becomes cold, and the roots already poorly absorb fertilizers from the soil. At the same time I cover the ground with sawdust
    or peat - the roots of cucumbers, located close to the surface of the soil, are afraid of night cooling. Be sure to cover the cucumbers with a greenhouse film for the night and in bad weather. And on sunny days it is useless; let the plant receive more light.
    Closer to autumn, I always lay on the ground several lower cucumber shoots for each plant and sprinkle with earth - this is how new roots appear that will give the plant strength to new fruits. But never touch the shoots lying on the ground - perhaps they are already rooted, and you can damage existing roots!
    By the way, I definitely plant several types of cucumbers - both early and late. I grow the latest cucumbers only from stepchildren - they develop faster than from seeds.


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