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  1. Lyubov Alexandrovna, Moscow region

    Is it possible to plant daffodils in the middle or end of November if the temperature is still above zero?

    • OOO "Sad"

      В отличие от других луковичных, нарциссам после посадки и до начала наступления устойчивых морозов важно укорениться. Это значит, что хотя бы три недели после посадки должна «постоять» положительная температура. Оптимальным сроком посадки нарциссов в средней полосе считается конец августа – середина сентября. Но в последние лет десять осень у нас длинная и теплая, поэтому нарциссы можно сажать в сроки с середины сентября до середины октября. А этой осенью сроки можно было даже сместить примерно на неделю, до третьей декады октября.

      В середине и конце ноября сажать уже поздно. Скорее всего, луковицы укорениться не успеют. Но что делать с луковицами? До того, как ударят морозы, можно, конечно, рискнуть и посадить несколько штук в открытый грунт. Но все-таки лучше заняться их выгонкой. Если вы знаете правила, воспользуйтесь.

      Сажают нарциссы на глубину, равную трем высотам луковицы. Посадки дополнительно утепляют опавшими листьями или обрезанными жесткими побегами многолетников (флоксов, пионов, золотарников, посконников). Зимой, по возможности, накидывают снег. Может так случиться, что часть луковиц следующей весной не зацветет, но если они не погибли за зиму, то через весну обязательно распустятся.

  2. Tamara Vasilievna

    Daffodils delight us in the spring for a short time, because I want to enjoy it in full.
    How best to plant these plants, in what place? It is no secret that after flowering daffodils do not really decorate the site.

    • OOO "Sad"

      Daffodils should be appreciated by many lovers of flowers. They are beautiful, not only planted by the group, but also alone.
      If the bulbs of one variety of bright colors to plant a large curtain, it immediately attracts attention. Especially if such a "flower bed" placed on a green lawn.
      Daffodils will look great, as if stretched into multi-rows. Waves run over them when the breeze swings brightly colored flower heads.
      At the cottage, you can also place large pots around the garden and plant low-growing daffodils of the same color there. By the way, such pots are often also placed on the balcony or veranda.

      Another interesting option is to plant daffodils around the trees. They will be a wonderful setting that will attract the eyes of passers-by. So if there is white acacia, apple trees, maple, birch or mountain ash on the garden plot, feel free to experiment. Daffodils with weeping tree shapes look especially impressive.
      And if you decide to plant daffodils in a flowerbed together with other perennials, then the latter will mask the bare areas of planting daffodils after the leaves of flowers wither.

  3. Gennady Egorovich Matusevich

    Last year, I collected the seeds of the narcissus and decided to sow them in early spring to try to grow these flowers in such a rare way.

    However shoots and did not wait. What could be the reason? And do daffodils reproduce in general with seeds?

    • OOO "Sad"

      The seed method gives good results when propagating daffodils. Especially since there are no problems with seeds: they are formed in large quantities. Each flower "gives birth" to a box in which 12 ripens black smooth seeds with a diameter of 2-3 mm.

      However, it should be borne in mind that they lose their germination very quickly, and most likely, for this reason, you can not wait for seedlings during spring sowing. The best time for propagation is summer using freshly harvested seeds, although winter sowing in open ground is also possible.
      The seeds are buried depending on their size on 0,5-1 cm. Between them, an interval of 10 cm should be maintained, so that the plants do not further oppress each other.
      After about 3 years, the seedlings form bulbs and can be transplanted to a permanent place. However, flowering occurs on the 3-5th year in small-flowered varieties and on the 6-7th year - in all others.

      As with any other plants that have gone through a series of breeding transformations, seed reproduction can lead to unexpected results. Flowers will not acquire a parental appearance, but the features of distant ancestors. But if the seeds are obtained from the species narcissuses, then such splitting of the signs will not occur. These include, in particular, very common in the gardens of Assoian (yellow flowers with a tube) and narrow-leaved (white, without a tube) variety.

  4. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Narcissus is rightly considered a national favorite, it is present in every garden. And traditionally it is believed that the blossoming flower of narcissus ushers in the coming of spring. He is extremely touching, gentle and, most importantly, makes us forget the long snowy winter.
    We also especially honor this cheerful flower among the people of Russia because the holiday of bright Sunday - Easter - often coincides with its flowering.

    In addition to the fact that daffodils are one of the first to please us with flowering in gardens, parks and flower beds, they are rightly considered one of the best out-going crops. And if in industrial floriculture daffodils are widely used, pre-programming their flowering for the holidays, then amateur gardeners for some reason rarely do it. Surely it's from ignorance how to do it. And everything is very simple. I will share with you my experience.
    In the autumn, I select bulbs with a size of at least 5 cm in diameter - as much as I need. I plant them in pots or containers so that they do not touch each other, and their necks rise slightly above the soil, I water. With the onset of cold weather, I put the pots and containers in the greenhouse, where I additionally cover them, or in a cool basement. You can bury pots in the ground.

    For 4-6 weeks before the expected term of daffodil forcing I put into the house, put first in a cool room, as the distillation should be carried out gradually. After a week or a year and a half, I move the pots to a warmer place. I constantly moisten the soil. If the terms of distillation are approached, and the shoots are short, up to 3-4 cm, they should be covered with paper or black film until the shoots are extended to 10-12. See that the stems are not brittle and brittle, the soil in pots should be poured 2 times 0,2% solution of calcium nitrate. And soon the daffodils will please you with rainbow bloom.

    So, dear summer residents, you can throw out daffodils, try to do it for some solemn occasion, and your relatives will not only be grateful for this living beauty, they will also appreciate your work, your skill and diligence to create this beauty for a certain time.

  5. Anna

    What do narcissistic suffer from?
    My daffodils always grew beautifully and blossomed magnificently. But last year I noticed that many plants began to wilt. When I pulled out a couple of dead plants, I noticed that the roots were rotten. What kind of a disease is it? Are all the daffodils now infected with it?

    • Tamara ENOTOVA, Bryansk

      What exactly is this disease, it is difficult to answer - bacteria and fungi, and viruses cause rotting of the roots. All pathogens have their own “set of signs”: foliage condition, rotting character, color of spots on leaves, etc.
      First of all it is necessary to stop the spread of the disease. In spring, remove all plants with signs of disease, after flowering sprinkle with Bordeaux liquid (100 g per 10 L of water). If the lesion is triggered by a disease that causes fungi, then these activities will help. Infected with bulbs
      will have to be destroyed. Be sure to dig up the plants, kill the affected bulbs. Healthy treat with a solution of potassium permanganate and dry. Before planting, disinfect with a contact fungicide. To prevent disease, do not allow mechanical damage to the bulbs, do not get carried away with fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers. Excessive watering, improper storage, non-observance of crop rotation (every 4-5 years of narcissus needs to be transplanted to a new location) contribute to the development of diseases.


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