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  1. Irina V. KUDRINA, city of Voronezh

    Stock up on tansy for a sore throat.

    For a long time my son suffered from chronic tonsillitis, which made itself felt both in summer and in winter. The tonsils of the child were constantly “decorated” with purulent corks that could not be rinsed out.
    I began to think about alternative options for getting rid of purulent traffic jams and remembered how a relative was praising the extract of tansy flowers. With the help of lotions from it, she got rid of any inflammations on the skin and admired the unique properties of the plant to quickly draw pus.
    In the literature, I did not find any mention of whether it is possible to use tansy flowers for our ailment. However, she learned about the powerful anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties of this plant and decided that gargling with such an infusion would not harm the child and, possibly, help to clear the tonsils from purulent plugs.

    Infusion prepared from 2 Art. l dry flowers of tansy, which steamed a glass of boiling water and kept 30-40 minutes in a thermos. With the filtered liquid, the baby rinsed the throat of the 4-5 once a day for 2 weeks. With breaks at half a month, we conducted an 3 course of such daily rinses. The son patiently performed the procedures, considering such a bitter therapy (the infusion is very bitter) a more benign remedy in comparison with washing the tonsils in the ENT doctor's office.

    I have not lost. During the course of therapy, the son rinsed out a huge amount of purulent congestion, which began to “ask” outside through the 2 day of daily procedures. Tonsils completely cleared and significantly decreased in size. During the six months that have passed after the end of treatment, the purulent congestion no longer made itself felt, and the son finally stopped complaining of pain in his throat.

  2. Natalia DORONINA

    If in summer I meet thickets of blooming tansy, then immediately I collect a bunch. It not only looks beautiful in fresh and dried bouquets, but also very useful. First, decoctions of tansy help with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gout and rheumatism: 2 st.l. dry flowers pour 0,5 l water, cook over low heat for about 10 minutes. The resulting composition to insist for about an hour, drink on 1 / 3-1 / 2 st. 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

    Secondly, its broths and infusions can be sprayed with vegetables from leaf-eating pests. 700 g dried or 2 kg fresh tansy (the entire aboveground part)
    pour 10 l of water, I insist 2 days, boil 30 minutes, filter, dilute with cold water 1: 2, add 50 g household soap. I process vegetables and trees before the beginning of fruiting 3-4 times per season with an interval of 5-6 days.

    Thirdly, in autumn and spring, dried flowers tansy fumigate the greenhouse from pests and diseases: I set them on fire and immediately close all doors and windows. A day later the greenhouse is ventilated.

  3. Olga Loboda Penza region.

    One of my friends, seeing me struggling with flies in the house with the help of dichlorvos, advised me to pick a bunch of tansy and put it in a vase. Really - it helped! Since then, I not only began to use tansy, but also planted it on my site. Insects try to avoid meeting with tansy, but because tansy twigs can be hung in the house or put a bouquet in a vase (beautiful also!). to scare away mosquitoes and flies. And if you want to protect yourself from mosquitoes on the street, rub your skin with fresh tansy juice - the insects will not touch you.
    The sharp smell of tansy is also disliked by the Colorado beetle, the copperfish, the onion fly, the cabbage whiting, the ants. Decoction of tansy is good for aphids. Take 2-2.5 kg of fresh grass (700-800 g dry) and pour a bucket (10 L) of water. Leave it under the closed lid for 2-3 days. Then infusion directly into the bucket put on the fire and boil 20-30 min. Strain and dilute with water in the ratio of 1: 2. Treat affected plants 3-4 times every 2-3 days.
    How to grow tans at the cottage?
    The plant is very unpretentious. She is comfortable on any soil, freezing is not terrible. Propagates both seeds and vegetatively. I dug out the rhizome of the plant, divided it and planted it on my plot. Tansy is almost not sick and is not affected by pests.
    Collected mainly inflorescences from the plant - it is best to do this at the beginning of flowering. I dry it the same way as the rest of the plants - in the shade (under a canopy), store it in a well-closed container (in glass jars) and be sure to sign so that no one mixes it up.


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