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  1. Natalia VOROZTSOVA, Ryazan

    My zucchini marvelously blossomed, but the fruit was not given very much. Why does this happen, how to increase the yield?

    • Daria Teren'ko, Volgograd

      With a void, you do not have to put up with it, you have to fight it, especially since this is a completely solvable problem. The place where zucchini is grown should be sunny, and the land should not be acidic. In the prepared for the plant holes should be added by handful of chalk. The wells should be located far away from each other and plant there no more than 1-2 seeds. Courgettes love space.
      At the beginning of flowering, it is necessary to stop watering on 1-2 weeks. This stimulates the appearance of female flowers, which are often much smaller than masculine flowers. To attract insect pollinators, you can sprinkle honey-sweetened water on the bushes several times. Doing fertilizing with nitrogen-containing substances should be moderate, so that plants do not "fat."
      When the plants begin to actively bear fruit, we will have to solve a new "problem" -to gain timely harvesting!


    I love zucchini and zucchini for unpretentiousness and rapid growth. I like zucchini varieties Yellow banana and Tsukesh, and zucchini - Beloplodny and Roller.
    Zucchini growing seedlings to get a crop a couple of weeks before. Seyu seeds in small pots in the middle of April, using the soil "garden land." Shoots appear within a week. I put pots with seedlings on the window, and when 2 grows real leaflets, I transfer them to the balcony. So zucchini seedlings are not stretched and hardened before planting in the ground. I pour with warm filtered water every other day.
    I plant seedlings in the middle of May in the holes. In each before planting I put on 3 a handful of humus and in 1 st. l. superphosphate and wood ash, mix and plant seedlings. After planting, watered, put the arc and temporarily covered with cover material. I'm shooting the material in the middle of June.
    I water the squash regularly, under the root, with warm water. Zucchini respond well to dressing. I spend them 2-3 times a season with liquid fertilizer for vegetables. Also during flowering, I spray the stimulator of fruit formation. Zucchini is prone to the appearance of powdery mildew - against it helps spraying with a solution of milk. To 3 liters of water add 1 liter of sour milk and 1/4 tsp. copper sulfate. I spray 3 times a week.
    Zucchini is cut regularly, as it ripens, so as not to restrain the growth of the following fruits.


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