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  1. Svetlana

    The most unpretentious, maintenance-free plant is a fern, which tolerates a dull shadow. Many different types are sold in stores, but I dug in the forest and planted it in the garden, decorating the wall of the barn.

    I also have Przhevalsky’s buzulnik, a bush with very beautiful large leaves, it throws yellow peduncles like candles. Volzhanka, bush with very beautiful inflorescences of white color, similar to fluffy spaghetti. Astilbe from 30 cm to 1,5 m high. Inflorescences are panicles of white, pink, red flowers, and, of course, the queen of the shadow is the host. The host there is a great variety, the leaves are plain and variegated, height 30-50 cm, unpretentious, blooming with bells of lilac and lilac flowers. Near the host in the autumn you can plant numerous small-bulb crocuses, kandyks, muscari. They bloom very early, and when they bloom, the host grows and covers the dried primroses.

    All of these plants are perennials, winter without shelter, minimal care: water, sometimes loosen. In the partial shade garden under the apple trees, nasturtium feels great. I plant branchy nasturtium, it grows with a lush beautiful carpet, moreover, this plant scares away flying pests. I collect and sow seeds annually.

  2. Semen VAKHRUSHEV, Volgograd Region

    If you want to have a well-groomed country plot and do not overload yourself with work? It is quite possible!
    Close part of the plot with paved paths and grounds. Pave them best with multi-colored tiles or decorative stones.
    It is beautiful and durable. Pouring selected areas with concrete, pouring them with broken brick or gravel is not the best solution from both an aesthetic and practical point of view. For example, weeds are likely to sprout through gravel.
    When decorating flower gardens, give the offer 3-5 to the kinds of nice perennials, do not plant too many different species. The less of them in the flower garden, the easier and more convenient to take care of it.
    If "variations on the theme" of the same kind are planted - say, different hosts, care is simplified at times.
    Engage your family and friends! Many of those who spend a working week at the computer, sitting all day in the office, will willingly stretch out on beds in the weekend. Especially if you give everyone a small gift with you to the city - a few crisp cucumbers and tomatoes, a bunch of greens or a jar of berries. And if you arrange a small picnic with barbecue for the guests, your assistants are provided not only for the entire garden season, but also for the whole harvest harvest!


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