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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    To accelerate the emergence of shoots of parsley, before sowing it is necessary to soak seeds in warm water.

  2. Anna Poyarkova

    Parsley in a box
    I've grown Parsley on the windowsill for over a year now. I cut the first greenery five weeks after sowing the seeds, since then I harvest as needed.
    On the bottom of the box poured a shell of walnuts (a layer of 2 cm). The rest of the space was filled with soil for seedlings, mixed with river sand (10: 1). She spilled abundantly with boiling water. When the earth became hotly hot, at a distance of 7 cm from each other 2 grooves were made 0,5 depth. Sow seeds of early-maturing parsley and sprinkled with soil. She wrapped the box with food film and left it on the windowsill. When the first shoots appeared, the shelter took off. A week later, I fed the plants with the Growmoment (according to the instructions). A month later she had a few.

    Starting from the first harvest, once a month I feed parsley like that. I fill the half-liter jar with a dry, crushed banana peel, pour it over with hot water, I insist 24 for an hour, filter. At room temperature, I bring the volume to 1 l. I water the parsley, and at the same time other indoor plants.


  3. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I sow parsley in the house in February.
    I soak gauze or cotton cloth in boiled water, I put seeds in it. Then I wrap everything in parchment and leave it for a week to be hardened in the cold. Every day I air the seeds, I moisten the gauze again.

    A week later, I sow in a pot with a standard seedling soil to a depth of 0,5 cm, sprinkle a bit of soil, cover with wet gauze, I stretch the polyethylene over the container and put it in a shaded warm place.

    First time, I sprinkle the ground every two days from the spray gun. As soon as the seeds have risen, I remove the gauze from the soil, and I transfer the pot myself to a well-lit window sill.
    When there are more shoots, I make a wire frame of thick wire
    dome shape and pull the film on it to make a mini-boy. I remove it when the shoots are swollen.
    If the seedlings are dense, thin out, so that the distance between the plants is at least 4 cm.

    Parsley grown sprinkle moderately every 3-4 days, preventing overdrying of the soil. I feed once a month with a solution of superphosphate: 5 g of granules per 1 liter of boiled water. I take into account that the best temperature for her is + 22 ... + 24 degrees.
    Elena SCHADNOVA. Pskov

  4. Sofya Kulish, art. Platnirovskaya, Krasnodar region

    I believe that there is not much use in purchased parsley, so I grow the greens myself.
    In order for the seed to sprout faster, I wrap it in gauze before sowing, put it in a strainer and wash it under running warm water.

    After that I soak for a day in a little water.
    When sowing, I deepen the seeds by only 0,5 cm, and on top cover with a centimeter layer of earth. Until the parsley comes up, I put the bowl in a dark place and water it a little - every other day. After the emergence of seedlings, I rearrange the container on the sunny windowsill and thin out the sprouts, leaving 4-5 cm between them. We eat greens after 5-6 weeks.
    The soil before the new sowing of parsley is not necessary to change, it is enough to pour a little fertile ground, intended for flowering plants.

  5. Irina Lisunova

    Parsley does not like thickening
    More than once I heard from friends that they do not want to grow parsley. I made my conclusions - and now always with the harvest! First, slowly rise for the seeds of parsley - this is normal, so do not be scared and just wait-
    those. To speed up this process it is possible, unless having soaked seeds before sowing - it will wash out of them a part of the essential oils slowing germination. Secondly, the critical moment in parsley is the seedling stage. Soil at this time should be wet. And yet: parsley does not like thickening - do not miss the thinning. Take into account all these moments - and in the late autumn you will not stay without fresh greens!

  6. Tamara NIKONOVA, Kazan

    Parsley Hamburg
    Of all the types of parsley, I prefer to grow Hamburg. It is a hybrid of root and leaf varieties, and therefore has the merits of both. She has a fluffy tender green mass, and large root crops (similar in taste to celery or parsnip), which are stored in the basement at a temperature of 0 ° as long as carrots.
    It is desirable to sow the hybrid in abundantly fertilized soil after potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, not in the sun, like ordinary parsley, but in the shade of trees. Spread the germinated seeds in furrows with depth 1-1,5, see the crops, sprinkle with the soil and cover with compost.
    Hamburger parsley should be weeded out when a pair of leaves appears at the shoots. After 2 weeks, again, dilute the parsley, leaving this time between the bushes to 10 cm. Water the planting sparingly, so that the rot does not develop.
    Since the Hamburg parsley is shade-tolerant, you can sow it in a box on the windowsill.

  7. Lydia TIMOSHKINA, Rostov on Don

    I would never have believed that this is possible, if I had not seen with my own eyes. A neighbor at the dacha showed me the trick: she planted parsley on the patch, and literally in 3 hours, she had already risen!
    The secret of focus was simple. Soak parsley seeds in unboiled milk for 1 h. Then on the surface of the garden bed in loose soil, make a groove with a wand. Sprinkle them slightly gilled lime, ground into powder. Then lay the seeds in the groove. Cover them with peat or humus and sprinkle the crop with warm water from the spray gun (not too hard for the water to seep shallowly). I do not know what happens in the soil, but sprouts appear on the surface of the garden right before our eyes! I think this is a great way to quickly grow fresh greens to the table!


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