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  1. Anna Dove

    Several years ago, in the fall, landed bulbs of lilies Marchong Arabian Night. In the spring of next year, they sprouted very early. In the future, she noticed that they actually show their shoots among the first. During the night frosts I cover them. But I’m not at all sure that this should be done. How to care for them, are they really moody?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Lily Martagon still has more advantages - its beauty, durability and winter hardiness. If, for example, in May night frosts are forecast to -7 degrees., I cover the shoots with a span bond. Although these plants are considered frost-resistant, I don’t feel like risking at all.

      Given that Marchagon lilies do not like the bright sun, they planted them with an acquisition of bulbs in a light shade. The land here is rich in organic matter, loose, and the lily blooms with pleasure and even divided, which made it possible to get young bulbs. Although it is worth considering that the nests of these lilies can not be divided or transplanted until 4-6 stems are formed. I decided to disturb the nest when 11 shoots came out of it. Without destroying it, she dug out 5 bulbs and separated. The rest sprinkled here, because these lilies can grow in one place for several decades. There is a judgment that bulbs near the locusts grow well during shallow planting (approximately, at one height). I did not take risks and landed her deeply - to the height of three bulbs. And at the same time, the result is excellent - the rapid growth of bulbs. Although they grow slowly, which is the first whim of the plant, and no less significant - only autumn planting.

  2. Irina VASILTSOVA, Penza

    When to plant lilies?
    I saw very beautiful lilies on the market. But I do not know if it's worth buying them, because these plants are usually planted in the fall. Or in the spring, too, you can? What should I look for when buying bulbs?

    • Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

      Almost every autumn I replenish my collection of lilies in a summer garden or replace diseased and weak plants. I pay great attention to the selection of bulbs and their preparation for planting.
      I buy only unprotected bulbs. A few days before landing, I keep them in a drawer with wet sawdust. I myself carry the box into a cool cellar. On the day of planting, I wash the bulbs with water, cut the rotten rootlets, if they are, and put them in a solution of potassium permanganate for half an hour.
      Plant plants I try on partially shaded areas.
      I dig up the soil beforehand, sand it with sand, peat and humus. Bulbs close up in the soil to a depth of 2-3 of their diameters. I leave between 15 and 25 cm between plants - depending on the variety and size of the bulbs. I water the plantings and immediately cover them with a thick layer of peat. In winter, to the places where the lilies are planted, I throw snow to make them warmer.
      Sometimes I plant lilies in the spring. But autumn plantings, in my experience, always give better results - plants are more viable, bloom more beautifully.
      Denis KOKOSHIN, Krasnodar Territory

  3. Valentina Pereyaslavina, Moscow Region

    Lilies have been growing in the same place for four years. This year, hoping for snow and the fact that the planting is not the first year, decided not to cover them at all, since in the heat the mice come all the time. But frosts broke in the snow. If the lilies are still frozen, will it be necessary to carry out any rescue activities in the spring?


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