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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    In our garden, in recent years, almost all the apple trees have disappeared. It is very similar to apple-tree cancer, but I have not yet found effective ways of fighting. I wanted to ask if there are effective methods of struggle and prevention? Is there any hope that we will eat more of our apples? And for what reason do apple leaves turn yellow in May?

  2. Mikhail Andreevich Grach. town of Bologoe, Tver region

    ■ Mosses and lichens are often found on fruit trees. By themselves, they do not harm L - they live quietly on their bark. However, in those places where they grow, favorable conditions are created for the development of rot. After rain, a lot of moisture accumulates under lichens - in such an environment many bacteria feel great. Cleaning the bark is best done in spring in calm weather. I lay a film under a tree, put on a rough construction gauntlet and run my hand along the branches. After this treatment, most of the growths disappear. Everything that remains on the bark (larger lichens) can be removed with a trowel or brush. But don’t be zealous - the bark cannot be damaged. I drop the lichens from the film into a fire and burn.


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