1. A.S. SUKHOVEEVA, Pskov

    A rare cottage does without tulips and daffodils - spring comes along with them. It is necessary to help the bulbous meet her friendly and strong flowering.
    As soon as the first bulbous bulbs appeared, I slightly loosen the soil to breathe, and feed: either nitroammophous (30 g per square meter), or a mixture of ammonium nitrate and superphosphate (20 g of saltpetre plus 50 g superoxide per square meter). When there are peduncles, plants do not need nitrogen anymore, but potassium and phosphorus. I usually feed a complex spring fertilizer.
    During mass flowering, I do one more dressing so that the bulbs do not run out. This time, superphosphate with potassium salt (40 g per sq. M) or again a mineral complex. I never bring in fresh manure - bulbs cannot tolerate it, they are sick. Well, after flowering, the onions are on vacation, and we are for the main work!


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