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  1. Tatyana Aleksandrovna Shcherbatsevich

    One of the most common diseases of phlox is powdery mildew.
    The first symptoms of the disease appear in July-August. They look like a white mealy coating on all parts of the plants. Plants stop their development, and their appearance is painful. Then the leaves curl, wither, fall off, and if you do not use various measures to fight the disease, phloxes may die.
    In order to prevent the disease, it is necessary in June to begin preventive treatment with fungicides (for example, "Topaz", copper oxychloride, etc.). For these chains, you can even apply the medical drug "Furacilin". which in the amount of 20 tablets are dissolved in 10 l of water and they are sprayed with phloxes, in addition, other plants affected by powdery mildew (asters, aquilegia, delphiniums) can also be sprayed with this liquid.
    If you notice the first symptoms of powdery mildew, then it is necessary to carry out multiple treatment with fungicides, it is desirable to alternate the preparations. When processing, you should try to spray both the upper and lower parts of the leaves. After the flowering period is over, phloxes need to be cut
    Honor at the soil level and perform one more treatment.
    Not less common disease of phlox is septoriosis. Most often on the lower leaves appear small brown spots, which eventually fuse, which leads to drying and falling leaves. To protect the phlox in this case, it is necessary to use copper-containing fungicides (Hom, Bordeaux liquid).

  2. Vera LIPAY, Minsk region

    In May, trim phloxes paniculate: I leave in the bush 4-6 strong stems, all weak shoots delete. Cut shoots from healthy plants cuttings. I lower the bottom of the cuttings with Kornevin and plant them in the shade in a loose fertile soil (I always apply ash - half a glass to the plant). Distance between plants in a row
    - 15 cm, between rows
    - 20 see Cuttings I cover with plastic bottles, at which I cut off the bottom. I water every day. When new leaves appear, I remove the shelter, but water the plants pro-
    I have to go daily. On a permanent place I transplanted next spring.

  3. Inna Tereshchenko

    Thank you


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