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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Gladiolus 'Professor Parolek' (Gladiolus x hybrida)
    Perennial tuberous plant. Old variety 1988 year, Latvian selection. Tri-color gladiolus with spectacular corrugation on dense petals, with beautiful, large flowers with a rather large golden spot and a slight reddish spraying in the throat. Inflorescences of beautiful build, slender, high. Bloom at the end of summer; if you want to blossom earlier, in the spring, you can put in the apartment corms to grow.
    The size of the flowers depends on the size of the corms: the more flowers the more corms, so when buying, choose not the smallest specimens.
    Agrotechnics. Not the simplest plant: needs a sunny, sheltered from the wind place. In the conditions of the middle belt of Russia, it does not winter in the open ground, so annual digging and storage in a cool room is necessary. Reproduction. More often, gladiolus is propagated by the division of corms, only the breeders use seed propagation.

    Using. Gladiolus is a very beautiful plant, but difficult to combine with other cultures - it looks best in a mono-plantation, even just planted in rows. It is easiest to place small-flowered varieties in the mixborder. Often, gladiolus is used for cutting.


  2. Irina Vladimirovna Petrova, Moscow

    Gladiolus has such a feature: if the temperature of storage and humidity in February suddenly for some reason increase, corms immediately begin to germinate. Do not be scared if you find corms with sprouts.

    First they need to be dried, spread out in a warm place for a week. And then-transfer the plants to a cool room, necessarily dry and fairly light (but the corms should not be exposed to the sun's rays). Three weeks before planting, all shoots longer than 10 cm should be removed. Do not be afraid that you will remain without flowering: by the beginning of June each corms should appear one by one, sometimes two sprouts, and they will provide flowering.

    Such a quick awakening has an explanation: this culture experiences two periods during storage. The first is natural peace, at this time, no matter what you do, the gladiolus will not wake up anyway, and the second is forced when the plant is ready to wake up from any change in conditions.


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