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    Marjoram garden
    Majorana hortensis, syn. Origanum majorana - long perennial shrub, in the culture - an annual herbaceous plant from the family Yakovtotkovye.
    From Arabic its name translates as incomparable. It is not for nothing that it is highly appreciated by folk healers, culinary specialists, and cosmetologists.
    Small seeds of marjoram garden are sown superficially. As a substrate, it is better to use soil mixture for seedlings. The crops are covered with glass, a transparent bag or tightened with food film, leaving a gap. Place in a warm place (optimal temperature 120-25 degrees) in indirect sunlight. Observe the moisture content of the soil. Shoots to open dry air are accustomed gradually. Further care consists in watering and loosening.
    SUMMER the pot with a marjoram can be rearranged to an open balcony, to a loggia.
    Subsequently, it is better to propagate a plant vegetatively by division, and it is easier, and easier.
    Marjoram can be grown both in one-year, and long-term (4-5 years) culture. In the first case, after cutting green (the period before cut-off is 50-60 days), the plant is discarded. In the second - in winter, marjoram is kept in a cold room with a temperature of + 7-10 deg., Watering is reduced.


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