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  1. Igor and Svetlana Saveliev, Moscow

    Not so long ago they planted a raspberry 'Orange miracle'. What are the big berries? It rushes not among the first, but it is remontant. In the first year we were surprised at how she waved, thought that overfed.

    But then they realized that powerful, thick shoots are normal for this variety. The berries are refreshing, slightly sour, fragrant, orange in color, about 4-5 cm in size. From the dacha we calmly bring them home, they don’t even get wet, they don’t lose their shape. This raspberry loves everything in abundance - and feeding, and watering, and good lighting.

    At us some bushes grow separately and at a decent distance. When planting this raspberries, immediately take care of vertical high, strong supports for powerful branches.

  2. Valentina Nikolaevna

    Recently, vacationers began to argue a lot about pruning patch raspberry: someone recommends doing it in the autumn, cutting it all level with the ground, and someone advises to leave the hemp. I will share my story.
    Three years ago I bought seedlings of a patchwork raspberry and brought it to the dacha. She planted next to an ordinary raspberry and regretted it, because she started, as if on purpose, to grow up at a shock pace and shade her new neighbor.
    Seeing that there would be no use, in the spring of 2014, she replaced the repair raspberry in another place. She also got accustomed there, but the berries again gave very little, and they did not have time to ripen. In the same autumn decided to try cutting the bushes to the ground level, and two or three pieces, for the sake of experiment, at the level of 15 cm from its surface. And the next spring my penechki turned green and gave good and powerful lateral shoots. So they gave me a lot of smart and ripe berries, and they ripened simultaneously with the fruits of ordinary raspberries.
    And newly grown shoots yielded crops only in the end of September (I pinched them at an altitude of about 70-80 cm). After a while young shoots turned into real adult bushes with an abundance of flowers, and later berries (see photo). It's a pity that not all of them managed to mature before the frost. I fed up the patch of raspberry with potato peelings, mulched with mown grass and once watered with yeast. And this autumn, almost all the branches plan to crop at an altitude of 40-50 see. Let's see how they will winter.


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