1. Boris Alexeevich, Salavat. Bashkortostan

    I can’t imagine my life without garlic. I believe that this is the best preventive medicine for colds in the world. And he raises his mood (at least tones) be healthy: ate a slice in the morning - and as if the batteries were recharged. It is clear that I grow it myself, in my garden. I plant winter garlic on a bed in September.
    D In fact, a correctly guessed landing time is a great thing. After all, the sooner you plant, the larger the heads will grow, but if you hurry, the garlic can rise to the snow.
    Therefore, I always notice what spring was - early or late. If the second option - it means that the cold will come later than usual, and you can move the landing in October. But in any case, the middle of this month is the deadline. For planting, I choose large, even teeth without damage. Soak them in the warm
    a pink solution of potassium permanganate for a couple of hours, and immediately after that I plant it, slightly pressing it into the previously loosened earth, to a depth of about 5 cm (I tried it one time deeper - the roots developed worse). Then I spill the garden well and mulch it with rotted sawdust.
    In the spring, friendly shoots appear. When the leaves grow to 10 cm, I do top dressing - 1 tbsp. l (without slide) ammonium nitrate, superphosphate and potassium chloride. Place for planting garlic change in a year. At the end of July, I dig out a choice of heads for food, and at the same time
    but I look in what state they are. If everything is fine, slowly begin to clean up for storage. From my experience I will say that if you tighten too much with this case, the heads will begin to crumble onto the teeth, and there will be no crockery.
    The brightest signal that the crop is ready and that it does not make sense to keep it in the ground for longer is a lodging of garlic foliage. By the way, I dig it out with a fork to minimize damage to the heads.
    During harvesting, I clean the garlic from the ground, wipe it with a damp cloth and add it to dry under a taut awning, spreading it on the sacking. Roots carefully cut with scissors (trying not to touch them with the bottom!) And shorten the stems. I store spring garlic in paper bags, on the bottom of which I pour a thin layer of dry ash.


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