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  1. Jana MIHAS

    Which plants will blossom all summer in a shady place?

    • Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

      Stop the choice of garden geraniums (not to be confused with the room, which is actually called pelargonium). It is a perennial plant blooming with pink or blue flowers throughout the summer. Especially spectacular on the site will look like a geranium variety "Rozanne", it reaches a height of 50 cm and blooms in large blue flowers.
      The second plant, flowering in the shade, is astilba. It is distinguished by bright red panicles and shiny leaves. It blooms from late spring to early autumn. The main thing is to remove faded panicles in a timely manner, in this case new inflorescences will appear.
      Balsam is another shade-loving plant for the garden, blooming all summer, though it is annual, so you have to sow every year, but its beauty is worth it. The main thing in care is a sufficient amount of fertilizing and moisture in the soil. With strong pulling in height, you need to trim the shoots by about a third.
      Tradeskantsiya is familiar to many as a houseplant, but there is a garden perennial with this name. She feels great under almost any conditions. It loves moisture, therefore in the droughty period of summer it is necessary to pay more attention to watering.


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