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    Lily 'Baikal Pearl' (Lilium)
    Description. This lily belongs to the group Eastern hybrids. This bulbous plant in height can reach 130 cm. The flowers are very fragrant, large, up to 22 cm in diameter, creamy white with a yellow star in the center. In July, on each plant, but 4 - 6 flowers are blossoming.
    Agrotechnics. Lilies are pretty demanding, they grow and blossom best in open sun areas with well-drained, nutritious, loose soil of neutral reaction. For the winter they are recommended to cover with leaves of broad-leaved species, for example oak or maple.
    Reproduction. Propagation by the division of the bulb nests in September.
    Using. Lilies can be planted to flower beds of all types, but most often they are found in mixborders or in group plantings. Find satellites for these plants is not so simple: their large expressive flowers are very bright. Strangely enough, lilies look good with roses, this duo is almost classical. But in this case it is important to decide who will solo in such a composition, and who will become only support. And maybe it will be equality - it's up to you.



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