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  1. Lilia Andreevna GOVORKOVA, Orel

    I would like to know as much as possible about the autumn planting of lilies and, in particular, whether it is possible to plant bulbs with sprouts.

    • Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

      The autumn planting of bulbs of lilies liberates the time of the flower grower in the spring, when so many things are done. In order to correctly choose the time of landing, focus on the average daily temperature. It should be within 10 degrees of heat and not rise higher, otherwise the bulbs can begin to germinate, which is undesirable. If after landing unexpectedly it gets colder, then we need to build a shelter.
      The landing site should be sunny, although lilies can grow in the shade, but there they will bloom worse. Before planting, you need to dig the soil well, make compost and remove weed vegetation. Then the holes are prepared, their depth is three times the diameter of the bulbs, although on heavy soils they can be made smaller. Landings need to be watered.
      If bulbs with processes, then you can deal with them in two ways:
      • plant in a pot and grow in the winter at home, and then transplant in the spring into the open ground;
      • Wait until the shoots on the bulbs reach the length of 20 cm, break them and plant them in the fall in the open ground. But from such a procedure the bulbs are weakened, and they need a careful shelter for the winter. They will be a blossom a year after planting.
      Therefore, it is better not to purchase a planting material with sprouts.


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