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  1. E. N. Borisova, Belovo, Kemerovo region.

    Why do gladioli grow not very large corms?

    • OOO "Sad"

      There are several reasons for the formation of small corms.
      If the gladioli are planted even in a partially shaded place, they should not wait for not only good corms, but also normal flowering.
      If the flower stalk did not have time to cut for 30-40 days before the excavation of the corms, it will not have time to accumulate the necessary amount of nutrients and will be smaller.
      If the flower stalk remains on the plant before the excavation of the corms, it will be very small, because it gave all the nutrients for the development of the peduncle, but did not manage to accumulate new ones. Such corms can dry

  2. Irina KIRSANOVA, Moscow

    Miniature varieties of gladioli, in comparison with their tall brothers,

    less demanding care, bloom before and do not need to be tied. I plant the bulbs of these plants in the spring, as soon as the ground thaws and warms up, around the end of April - May. I choose a landing site sunny, without stagnation of water and strong winds. Bulbs can be planted in one place for no more than 2 years in a row. The site on which tomatoes and root crops grew is not suitable for gladioli. Sand and compost for loosening should be added to heavy clay soil. In acidic soil, like mine - ash or bone meal at the rate of 2-3 cups per 1 square. m
    Immediately before planting, I soak the bulbs in a weak solution of potassium permanganate to protect plants from diseases.

    At the beginning of growth I bring in nitrogen fertilizer, and during the budding period, I apply fertilizer with a high content of phosphorus and potassium (all according to the instructions on the package). During flowering, I feed gladioluses with complex fertilizer so that the flowers last longer. In the heat, I must water the plants.

    In the autumn, when the leaves turn yellow, I cut them, dig up the bulbs, clean them from the ground, dry for a week in a warm shaded place and put it in storage in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator.


    Under the protection of mint
    Gladiolus corms are excavated in the first half of October, dried. A wooden box from under the fruit is covered with thick paper, I put corms there, I pour abundantly every row of dry leaves of mint (its essential oils inhibit the germination of corms, do not allow to develop rot), I cover it tightly with paper or cardboard and store it in the cellar until spring.

  4. Dmitry Kharchevkin

    Do I Have to Have Arrows at Lukovitz Gladiolus?
    I noticed that many flower growers recommend that when growing children gladiolus to get larger corms break out their flower arrows immediately after they appear. Let me disagree with this. And why? I'll tell you ... According to the botanical structure, the gladiolus corm is different from the tulip bulb, which actually needs to break out the flower arrows to form a good bulb. In gladiolus, corms are poured mainly from leaves that do not dry as fast as a tulip. Therefore, I advise you not to break out the peduncles as soon as they appear, but simply not to let them bloom to the end. But at least three flowers must be opened and pollinated by bees. Thanks to this method, my planting material always turns out to be large and healthy, and young bulbs mature better.


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