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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    In autumn, most summer residents pull out the stems of sunflower along with the roots, but in vain. After all, the root system of this plant penetrates deep into the earth up to 2 m. And if you cut down the stems and leave the roots in the soil, then during the winter they will decay and turn into fertilizer, and at the same time loosen the soil to a considerable depth thanks to the channels laid by the roots. As a result, the soil will be air- and water-permeable. In this way, I was able to quickly elevate the land on my virgin land.

    Initially, the land was very heavy, clayey. Then I made holes directly in the sod and sowed sunflower. When the sunflowers grew, they drowned out all the weeds. By autumn, the plot was clear of grass - except for sunflower, nothing grew on it. I chopped the stems, dried them and burned them, and scattered the ashes around the garden. In the spring, I dug up the earth along with half-growing roots of weeds and sunflowers. The result was a wonderful, loose, light fertile soil. Vegetables are now growing on it like yeast!

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Usually I leave two beds for cucumbers. In autumn 2014, preparing beds for the winter (digging, mineral fertilizers, organic), one of them covered with a black film to get rid of weeds in the spring.

    At the end of May, she took it off and planted seedlings on both beds: the varieties Paris Gherkin and Uglich - on the garden without a black film, Othello - on the garden after the black film. Watering and caring for both beds was the same, but on the bed with the Othello variety, all the cucumbers were bitter.

    I decided not to sow this variety any more.
    In the fall of 2015, I already covered both beds with a black film in order to make my life easier. In the spring of 2016, planted seedlings of the varieties Paris Gherkin and Uglich on both beds. And ... oh, horror! On both beds, every single cucumber was bitter! Let them go for canning.

    Since the rains in the suburbs went all summer, sin on the bitterness because of a lack of moisture can not be.

    There are two conclusions:
    1. Do not be lazy to dig and weed!
    2. In the land, covered with black film for eight months, there were some changes that caused the appearance of bitterness in cucumbers.
    Is it so? Soil scientists, respond!

  3. Tamara OSTANINA, Krasnodar Region

    When I lived in Bratsk, I somehow grew an excellent harvest of cauliflower - I planted it in an empty place next to zucchini and pumpkin, and on the north side it was protected by corn.

    I decided to do a similar experiment in the Kuban - only with cucumbers, which quickly dry under local conditions.

    I prepared in the spring a row of width 0,5 m and length 4 m, placing it from the east to the west. I dug up a good deal, poured ash and rotted manure. Then she made wide holes at a distance of 70-80 cm, having filled them with an additional reparted manure. From the northern side of the garden, I sowed 8 holes of sunflower seeds, shed a pink solution of potassium permanganate, and waited for the shoots. When the plants reached the height of 15-20 cm, it was the turn of cucumbers.

    A transparent polyethylene bottle was cut along, to the bottom laid 8 layers of toilet paper and shed a warm solution of aloe juice (1 tsp juice for 100 ml of water). When the cucumber released a cotyledon leaf, dropped them on a bed with sunflowers, placing holes on the south side. To prevent damage to the plants by the bear, I planted them in trimmed plastic 2-liter bottles with a height of 15 cm.

    When the plants got stronger and grew, I additionally covered them with soil and spudded so that more roots formed. Sunflowers grew very quickly, and when the cucumbers began to weave, I was already able to tie them with twine to the sunflowers. Cucumbers liked this neighborhood - when on a regular bed cucumber lashes were already yellowing, on sunflowers the cucumbers continued to turn green cheerfully.

  4. Lyubov Nikolayevna

    I used to have to sow cucumbers twice because seedlings were rare. I tried to seed and germinate, and plant dry - everything is one. Sinned on sellers, but over time I realized that it was just me who was to blame, and the whole point was that from the breadth of my soul I irrigated the landings too abundantly. Now I pour it in moderation, especially until the cucumbers grow up and gain strength. And she took another trick into service.
    Before landing, I dig a small groove and first put the humus, then dandelion flowers and only then the seeds that cover the ground.
    Why do dandelions? And they give heat at the bottom, so the seeds are rising. For this, I sometimes drip before dropping them on a drop of ammonia. And now I have no problems with the crops. I grow cucumbers in two rows on trellises. If I'm dealing with hybrids, then I do not pinch them, but only from below I remove four side shoots. If I work with ordinary cucumbers, I pinch them after the fourth leaves.
    This year I remembered my youth and bought a variety of Bi-Drett, which 30-40 years ago, with great desire to grow. They are finely tuberous, tasty, smooth, charming, in general. I planted them in the holes, not the trellis method. The scourges have grown in earnest and occupied a large area. Caring for them (especially when it was time to harvest), had to ride between the holes, like an antelope. And in a hurry under the leaves it is hard to see, sometimes you grab some cucumber, and it is cold, green. You will spread your palm, and there is not a fruit, but a la guha! Although it often happened, I still screamed out of fear every time. I know that they bring benefit to the garden, but for some reason I am afraid of them. Like the soldier that my father spoke about, a participant in the Great Patriotic War and the Victory Parade on Red Square. In August of the 45th part of it was sent to Manchuria, to free it from the Japanese. Our people were well received there, local residents decided once to treat the soldiers with their best dishes. They served a rich tasty soup. Ours began to eat it, and then one soldier saw a frog’s paw in a bowl, and when he yelled, he popped out of the table with a bullet. Everyone laughed to tears. In gives, they say, to fight - a hero, and the quakes were scared.


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