1. Valentina Vasilievna

    "Meat" tomatoes
    I used to plant tomatoes only in a greenhouse. I live in a risky farming area, so there has never been a rich harvest. Now I have tomatoes growing both on the street and in the greenhouse. They are large, juicy and, as my grandmother used to say, “meaty”. The largest tomato pulled 1 g per 320 kg, and the rest growing with it on a bush - 600-800 g each. The old varieties, tested over the years, are Cuban and Budenovka. I also liked De Barao black, yellow and red. And also - yellow, orange and red cherry. I grow seedlings at home without any problems. I sow dry seeds to the soil brought from the site (I add ash to it first). Planted in a greenhouse for the May holidays, and on the street after May 20.
    In the greenhouse, under each bush, when planting, I dig in a two-liter plastic bottle with a cut bottom and without a lid (neck up, cut upside down). I do not water more often than once a week, strictly in a bottle. Periodically I spray the bushes with serum.
    There is no more moisture in the greenhouse. Tomatoes are green until the end of September, the last harvest is collected 26 August, and in the greenhouse a month later. I do not like tomatoes, homes at dusk. We collect only ripe, directly from the bush.


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