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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Thirty years ago, when my youngest was still out of school, he once stuck a date pit into one of the many flower pots. Soon a sprout appeared. We thought it was some kind of weed, but decided not to remove it, but to see what would grow out of it?
    When the sprout reached the size of the flower itself, we transplanted it into a separate flowerpot. But it became crowded there too, and he was sheltered by a large old pan, in the bottom of which we drilled several holes. Finally, the plant received a permanent residence in a large tub like a truncated pyramid. By this time, we already knew that we have a date palm growing.
    We drilled the bottom of the tub in several places and put it on a pallet. They filled it with soil from a compost bin that stands in the country, sand, low-lying peat. All this was thoroughly mixed before planting palm trees.
    Fifteen years later, she rested on the ceiling, so the top had to be cut off. Some of the branches also had to be removed.

    Recently, we began to decorate our palm tree for the New Year instead of a Christmas tree. What happened can be seen in the photographs.

    Date palm from the stone - cultivation and care, tips and reviews

  2. Tatyana SEMENOVA, Moscow

    Last winter, a misfortune happened with my date palm: I watered the plant too abundantly, and suddenly it began to tilt, did not stay in the pot at all, the leaves began to brown. I could not find the reason.

    At the top of the container is a thick layer of rotted husk from the grain (the remains of food for parrots), and it seemed to me that the soil was too dry. Only when water flowed from the pot did everything become clear. I took out the flowerpot from the pallet and put it in a bucket. After she examined the roots sticking out through the drainage holes - they were black. So the palm tree died? I began to wait for the soil to dry, so it was easier to carry a container with a plant in the trash. The soil dried out for a long time. I had already come to terms with the fact that I had to throw the plant away, when suddenly my pupil became prettier: she didn’t “hang out” in the pot, the leaves were green and shiny. I put the beauty back on the table, and soon new leaves began to appear.

  3. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    From dates bought in the store, you can grow a palm tree.
    For this, I removed the seeds from the dates and planted them in a nutritious, loose soil. Pots for planting took a high, to the bottom poured a layer of drainage (the palm tree does not like the stagnation of water). Put them in the brightest place, regularly watered. Soon there were shoots.
    Care for plants is simple. In summer, I feed them with a solution of mineral fertilizer or banana peel. Dry the skin on the air or in the oven. When it darkens and becomes fragile, I crumble it and add it to the package for later use. For top dressing add crumbled peel in the pots and mix with the ground.
    In the winter I try to keep my palms at a low temperature, I cut it a little.

    Before watering, I pass water through the filter, and then stand on the windowsill for 24 hours.


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