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  1. Varvara SHICHKO

    The collected plants are dried on a clean dense fabric in the shade in the fresh air - in the bright sun, the raw materials burn out, and useful substances are lost. I finish drying when the flowers, stems and leaves can be easily ground into powder, the fruits, when compressed, do not let juice and do not stick together, the roots break with a crunch. I pack the raw materials in paper bags, on which I must indicate the name of the plant and the date of collection. Store in a dark, dry place with little humidity.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Medicinal plants collection table

    Medicinal plants - what from what + calendar collection

  3. OOO "Sad"

    I will add about ayr more
    Ayr ordinary, or marsh (Acorns calamus) - benefit and harm, contraindications and application

    It grows better in a well-lit area, but a light shadow is permissible, especially on soils that are not too saturated with moisture.
    It is not necessary to shelter for the winter.
    Soil should be maximally moistened, as the river grows on the banks of water bodies and in shallow waters.
    On the site, you can dig a groove with a depth of 40-45 cm, lay a thick polyethylene film on the bottom, pull the ends out of the groove and fix it. In the groove, pour the soil and moisten it to a marshy state. In this vein should be planted rhizomes of aira.
    Water it every day.

    Individual intolerance, pregnancy, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, age up to 12 years.

    Applications of ara
    With intestinal spasms, flatulence, nausea, gastritis, colitis, chronic hepatitis (as an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and cholagogue), mix in 2 st.l. rhizomes of calamus, peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers, dill fragrant seeds and licorice root. 1 tbsp. collect the pour 1 art. boil, boil 15 min. in a water bath, cool, strain and wring out, add boiled water to the original volume. Take a third of a glass 3 times a day 2 a week, after the 5-7-day break, the course can be repeated. Contraindicated this fee also for allergies to components, calcular cholecystitis, children up to 12 years.
    With alcoholism, mix in 0,5 tsp. rhizomes of calamus, juniper fruits, according to 1 tsp. herbs of St. John's wort, yarrow, wormwood leaves. 1 tsp collect the pour 1 art. boiling water, boil 30 minutes in a water bath, cool 15 min. at room temperature, strain and wring out, add boiled water to the original volume. Drink two meals a day.
    Phyto-tea to increase appetite and improve digestive activity. Mix on 1 st.l. rhizomes of calamus and cumin fruits, brew as tea, bay 0,5 l of boiling water, and leave to infuse 1 for an hour, strain and take 3 times per day for 30 min. before meals.

  4. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I advise everyone this year to stock up on the fruits of elderberry black. For me, this is the first remedy for a cold.

    The berries are cut with brushes when harvesting, but only when they fully ripen - in August-September (immature are poisonous). Then dry in well-ventilated places (hang). Separating from the pedicels, I store the elderberry berries in a tightly closed bowl. As soon as I feel the first signs of a cold, I prepare the infusion: 15 g of dried fruit pour 1 st. boiling water, hide, insist half an hour. I drink on 1 / 4 st. in a snack with honey 3-4 times a day for 15 minutes before meals. By the way, this compound can be taken as a laxative.

  5. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    In the spring, cleaning the pond, extracted from it a lot of rhizomes of calamus. Can they be used to make medicines?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Rhizomes are harvested in June-September, but it is possible in early spring. Purify from silt residues, roots and dried out areas. Cut into pieces according to 20-30 cm. Sometimes they remove the bark. As a result, two types of raw materials are obtained: purified and unrefined. The crude air is more fragrant. The prepared material is dried in warm, dry, well ventilated areas, spreading in a thin layer, in the dryer, the temperature should not exceed 30-35 degrees. Shelf life of dried rhizomes - 1 year
      Air marsh is one of the best means for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It has strong antimicrobial properties. Baths with aire will help with fungal diseases of the skin and nails, as well as with eczema and children's diathesis. In the form of a decoction it can be used inside and outside. Decoction: 10 g (2 st.l) raw materials pour 200 ml (1) of hot boiled water, cover with a lid and heat on a water bath 15 min., Cool, filter, the remaining mass is squeezed. Dilute with boiled water to the original volume (200 ml). Drink warm in 1 / 4 st. 3-4 times per day for 30 min. before meals. Store in a cool place for no more than two days.

  6. V. Petrov.


    A multi-year plant, common in the forest-steppe zone of Siberia, the Caucasus and elsewhere. In folk medicine, the roots of the plant are used. Mainly with skin diseases: externally with mycosis, eczema, scabies and others, as well as with arthrosis, rheumatism, gout, neuralgia. With the help of a chieftain you can get rid of lice, de-modeic, pink and vulgar acne.
    Ointment, tincture is used for alopecia, seborrhea. Perevidnom deprive. The plant is poisonous, so use it carefully, avoid contact with mucous membranes.

    They are also used to get rid of alcoholism (only in folk medicine), along with the clout of European, barantsom. Its infusion is used, not exceeding the dosage. Also, alcoholism is helped by leuzea and thyme. In the form of elixir and teas, other herbal remedies are used, which reduce the cravings for alcohol.
    In addition, the chieftain (puppeteer) increases the body's defenses and immunity. After working with the puppeteer, they wash their hands well.

  7. Alexander POROHOV, the city of Smolensk

    The first flowers that appear on the thawed spots in my garden are the sunny coltsfoot.

    But for the preparation of medicine, I do not use flowers, but leaves.
    I collect leaves with a silvery lower part in June-July in the morning, when the dew dries. I take the unfolded leaves with part of the petioles. I lay them on a paper towel in one layer, put them on a kitchen cabinet so that they dry. I turn it over every day, then put it in paper bags, and the bags in glass jars, where they can be kept closed in the dark for up to 3 years. You can also dry the leaves in an electric dryer or oven at 60 °.
    If someone from the family gets sick in autumn or winter, I make leaves for coltsfoot (3 teaspoons of chopped dried leaves in a 0,5-liter teapot - pour boiling water).

    I wrap the kettle with a towel, and after half an hour I remove it and cool it. They need to gargle with bronchitis, laryngitis, it acts as an expectorant.
    If the cough prevails in the spring or summer, when there are fresh leaves of the mother-and-stepmother, it is necessary to wring out the juice from them, 2-3 tsp. juice add a glass of warm milk and a drink. Relief is felt right away!

  8. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Orchis from abscesses
    I remember perfectly well how my mother treated me orchis as a child. With me quite often then there were stories, as a result of which it was necessary to resort to this medicinal plant. Until now, I remember jumping off on a rusty nail and how my mother was treating a deep wound on my leg.

    I perfectly remember her recipe, which even now helps me, if suddenly there is some kind of abscess. I take the tubers of the orchis and use them in the mortar. I pour all a little milk, so that there is a consistency of gruel. The mixture should be stained under the lid, and then I apply it to the abscess and fix it with a bandage. After a few procedures, the abscess disappears!
    Nikolay ERMIKOV, Bryansk

  9. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    A few years ago I planted hops in the yard just to decorate the arbor. But over time he grew so much that he even began to cause irritation.

    No matter how "tamed" him, no matter how he cut off the tops, or even under the root, - he stubbornly reborn, just like a fabulous bird Phoenix. This is the life force of the plant!
    And then one day I got an eye on an article in a newspaper about the healing properties of hops. I should not have harassed him! It turns out that its composition contains yeast mushrooms, which produce vitamins of group B, "responsible" for normal metabolism, strengthen the nervous system, give vivacity. That's what I needed!
    I decided to make myself a drink, which is better than any purchased power engineers. The first task is to isolate the yeast from cones of hops.

    To do this, pour in 2 art. Spoons of cones with a glass of warm water and leave for a day. Then add on 1 art. spoon flour and sugar and leave to sour in a warm place. Then filter and place in the refrigerator. To prepare a healing drink you need to take 1 art. spoon of concentrate, stir in a glass of slightly sweetened water. To insist for three hours and to drink on an empty stomach the whole glass of the drink. Take it until the concentrate runs out. In a month the course can be repeated.
    It is especially good to drink this drink in the winter, when the body falls into a "hibernation". I do this because I made a conclusion for myself: I did not find easier and better means to maintain vitality than my hop! The state of frustration has disappeared in the mornings, even with a hunt I perform a simple exercise, I manage to do a lot for the day - honestly, as if I were born again!

    With dry cones of hops I stuff small pads, for a quiet "fragrant" sleep. I pound the cones with my hair and they make me feel healthy. So everyone who grows in the hops, I advise you not to fight with him, but use it for health, collect and dry mature cones. And city dwellers can easily purchase them in a pharmacy.

  10. Anna

    Thank you - great all medicinal herbs in one place


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