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  1. Elena Kaskova, Tyumen

    Recently, I got a mordovnik - a plant with beautiful blue inflorescences-balls. Please tell us about him.

    • OOO "Sad"

      Mordovnik is an unpretentious sun-loving plant with a height of 30 cm to 2 m. It requires almost no care, drought-resistant and frost-resistant, puts up with any soil. In summer and autumn, prickly but attractive bluish or blue balls of inflorescences with a silvery sheen appear on the tops of the stems, the diameter of which varies between 4-8 cm. Florists use them as dried flowers for winter arrangements.

      Mordovnik is an excellent honey plant. Its flowers contain a lot of nectar, so they are constantly visited by a large number of bees. Honey and oil extracted from its seeds are considered to be curative as they contain valuable biologically active substances. Thanks to their medicinal properties, they are able to tone the heart and blood vessels, increase low blood pressure, relieve headaches, eliminate weakness, improve sleep and appetite, and stimulate the activity of the nervous system.

  2. Nikolai SEMELEV, herbalist. S. Sofino, Mordovia

    Its Russian name is a medicinal plant acquired in honor of the people of Mordovians. In addition, his name is associated with the word muzzle - because of the round-headed shape of the inflorescence.

    With the help of mordoviks, one can noticeably improve oneself with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy. paralysis in adults, epilepsy. when restoring the body after a stroke and heart attack. He will also help in the treatment of atherosclerosis, heart disease, atrophy of the muscles and optic nerve of the eyes, diseases of the nervous system. Plus, he is an excellent honey, a real find for beekeepers.
    I have this wonderful drought-and frost-resistant plant growing in the open ground. Seeds (one by one) are sown in the first ten days of May to a depth of 5 cm, at a distance of 30 cm from each other. Row-spacing - 25 cm In the summer care of simple weeding and infrequent irrigation I do not hide anything in the winter. In general, the less I worry about different treatments, the better it grows. Healing seeds are collected in late August-early September. After drying in the shade, I store it in a cloth bag. Healing medicines for the treatment of the above diseases are prepared. insisting seeds on alcohol 2 month in a glass container in the ratio 1: 10. Before treatment with this universal remedy it is advisable to consult a doctor, but there is also a safe intake scheme: drink no 1 tsp. once a day - in the morning on an empty stomach, for 30 min. before breakfast.

    The course of treatment is 4 months, then 10-day break and repeated course of treatment. The morgue grows well in the room, but in this case he needs to provide a larger capacity (ideally suited 10-liter plastic bucket): he has a very powerful root system.


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